5 Solutions For Fortnite Tournament Points Not Showing Up

fortnite tournament points not showing up
fortnite tournament points not showing up

Fortnite was introduced in 2017 and ever since it has made the world go crazy. With their sheer number of players and the amount of time and money, the people are investing in this game. It is astonishing how it is functioning. The graphics alone are so computationally complex that it takes a hoard of servers to resolve and then provide the best experience to its, customers. Despite that, there are occasional issues that players might encounter. One of the more annoying problems with Fortnite is tournament points not showing up sometimes. Here’s a quick guide on how to resolve this issue.

Fortnite Tournament Points Not Showing Up

1. Temporary Issue

Being a very computationally intensive game, it takes time to boot on even the most sophisticated systems, let alone the cheaper setups. It so happens that the packets of data responsible for different tasks do not get delivered to the system in the first place, making it a very sour experience. As the game does not perform the way it should when it comes to running the mammoth game seamlessly. It is requested to not only start the computer but also relaunch the game and Fortnite launcher before getting worried about the issue being faced.

2. Back-channel Problems

Being extremely heavy to run and update, it takes time to develop new features and it becomes a total nightmare when you are trying to find the bug in a piece of faulty code. These bugs can cause anomalies which can be connected to the issue that most people have faced with Fortnite tournament points not showing up on the screen. Honestly, this will scare anyone if they have put in the extra time and effort to earn them. However, these bugs can only be removed by Fortnite updates otherwise there is nothing you can do about it other than waiting. Therefore, it is requested to keep the game up to date.

3. Event-Specific Problems

It was observed that the Fortnite champion series chapter 2 faced one of the biggest issues when it came to Fortnite tournament points not showing up. This scared the players, and some felt discouraged or even cheated for the work they had put in but were denied any points simply because of some small-time bug. Epic Games, however, took some time to answer this and agreed to manually add all the points that these players earned during the championship. This certainly will take a significant amount of time, but this will happen eventually.

One thing must be kept in mind that the prize money for those who won under the faulty point system would remain as the winners while the others would be supported in terms of giving away points they had earned.

4. Faulty Internet Connection

Slow and high traffic internet provider is probably the reason why your system is not picking up the latest updates. Although you might have received the points the numbers have not yet been reflected in your points section. This can be worrisome for those players who have tried very hard to earn these critical points. Therefore, it is requested to see if your Wi-fi router is working properly and that the system is connected using the correct hardware.

At the same time, ensure that you are sitting close to the wi-fi router to ensure that the device is getting maximum signals and the flow of information might be improved. One other thing to see is to check all the physical connections separately as a loose cable might drop the signal when it is supposed to show that signal in a section related to such signals. This will not activate the system and might end up in losing the information.

5. Faulty Computer

When the question of Fortnite tournament points not showing up people are scared but it can also be observed that it might be related to the system you are using. A slightly old or outdated device will show fully updated but in reality, it will be months or maybe even years behind schedule. Therefore, it is best practice to see the update section and if that is also not the case then try rebooting the system altogether. This will hopefully resolve all your problems.

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