Division 2 Server Restart (Explained)

division 2 server restart
division 2 server restart

Division 2 is an RPG that offers a lot of different activities to the players. According to players, it focuses more on the PvE side of the game. There is so much content that you can cover and as you grind the content, you can level up your character to improve stats. Raids can be organized as well if you’re part of a busy clan.

You can play with your friends as long as you’re all on the same server. However, some players mentioned receiving a message in-game that the server was restarting. Here is what you should do in that situation.

Division 2 Server Restart:

The players will also see a server restart message when there has been a new patch released for the game or the servers are going down for maintenance. For the patch to be applied to the servers, they temporarily shut down the servers and then get the servers back online once everything is in order.

Players would be kicked off the server during this process and they won’t be able to log in until the developers are done with the maintenance. All you can do is wait out the timer and play some other game in the meanwhile.

For confirmation, you can use the Twitter platform to check if there has been any maintenance scheduled for the week. That way you won’t be surprised when you get kicked out of the game and you can manage your gaming session more efficiently.

Usually, if there has been a bug or the servers have to go down for a bit, the social media team will inform users 30 minutes before. That way players get a timeline during which the servers won’t be available to them.

Joining Different Sessions

Players have the option of joining a different session if they want to change the server that they’re currently connected to. Even though the method might not be as efficient, all the player has to do is exit out of the current session and then try joining a server again.

This time you will be connected to a different session and you won’t have to bother with the same people again. You can try restarting your game altogether and you won’t be on the same session after you join the server unless you want to.

Alternatively, you can try connecting to a session hosted by your friend if you’re looking at changing servers. All you need is to ask them to send you an invite and after you accept, you will be moved to their session.

Now, you can both completely different activities together and grind through the character upgrades. Also, if you’re looking to reset the game progress then that can also be done from the game settings and resetting the save data or by making a new agent.

Server Restart UI Bug

Some users also pointed out a bug where they will receive a message that the servers need to restart even though there were no scheduled maintenance breaks. According to the support members, it is just a bug that can get fixed by closing out of the game and then launching it again. That should help you get rid of the UI bug and you can play the game in peace. It can take several hours for the servers to come back online after a break.

The servers are based on the location of the players, but if you’re not playing alone and are in a team then the server will be selected according to the location of the session owner or the party leader. It is very rare for server maintenance to last for more than 4 hours.

So, if you can’t log into the game after several hours and you’ve checked that there are no updates on Division 2 twitter then you should reach out to the game support. There is a chance that something is wrong with your account and you will need help from support to fix it.

All in all, the server restart message just informs users that the instance is ending and they would need to take a break and try logging back into the game if they want to play. There is nothing that players can do to get past the restart timer. If you believe that your game is bugged and the servers are not actually under maintenance then you should start by validating your game files from the launcher.

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