3 Ways To Fix Diablo 2 Peer to Peer Networking is Disabled

diablo 2 peer to peer networking is disabled
diablo 2 peer to peer networking is disabled

Even though it has been over 2 decades since the game first launched, the graphics are not that bad. The gameplay is quite interesting and it is very affordable compared to other games on the Blizzard client. There are different customization options that you can go through to make your character overpowered in the game.

However, a few players complained about not being able to play diablo 2 because the error “Peer to Peer Networking is Disabled” keeps popping up whenever they try to run the launcher. If you’re having the same issue with your Diablo 2 installer then these solutions might fix your installer.

How to Fix Diablo 2 Peer to Peer Networking is Disabled?

  1. Check Registry Settings

Configuring the registry settings helped some users who had installed Diablo 2 at some point in the past. So, if you’re installing the game for the first time then this fix is not for you. But if you had Diablo 2 installed on your PC before and are now trying to install it again then you need to open the registry editor. You can use the windows search bar to look for the registry editor and then launch the program from there. Another method that can be used to open up the registry editor is by using the Win + R shortcut and then typing Regedit in the prompt.

From there you need to browse to the Diablo 2 folder in the left pane, it should be under the head of Blizzard Entertainment that you can find in the software folder. After opening up the Diablo 2 folder you need to use the right pane to find the settings named install path and uninstall path. You need to remove that from your registry, then close the application and try running the Diablo 2 installers again and everything should go smoothly. Make sure not to change any other setting in the registry files as that can harm your Windows.

  1. Change Package Installer

There is also a possibility that there is something wrong with your package installer. Try running the installation file for Diablo 2 as an administrator to check if you’re still getting the same error. If that doesn’t fix the installer issue then we suggest that you download another installer for your PC. Even though it is not common for the windows installer to malfunction, if nothing is working out for you then you should give it a try. There are many installers available that you can download on your system.

The majority of installers are free and you won’t have to pay a penny to get the new installer on your PC. After adding the installer to your PC, you can use the new package installer to install Diablo 2 and it won’t give the same network error again. You should also go through some basic troubleshooting steps like rebooting your PC and clearing the cache files on your PC. They are very easy to perform and it won’t take you more than 15 minutes to go through all the basic troubleshooting methods.

  1. Ask Blizzard Support

Some players did mention that the error fixed itself when they restarted the game. However, if you’re not so lucky and the above-mentioned fixes are not working out for you then try asking the official support at Blizzard Entertainment to help you. They are very responsive and it will only take a day or two for you to get a response from someone on the Blizzard support team. Make sure that you provide a screen recording of the installer error that you keep running into.

The Blizzard support will start by guiding you through general troubleshooting steps to narrow down on the actual problem. Provide them with as much information as you can to increase your chances of fixing the installer problem. Ideally, the issue should fix itself after you configure the registry settings or use another installer on your PC. But if you don’t know how to do that then it is best if you can ask someone experienced to guide you through every step. That way you won’t harm your system settings and will have a better chance of fixing your installer problem.

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