4 Ways To Fix Blizzard Friend Request Not Working

blizzard friend request not working
blizzard friend request not working

You can add friends to your Blizzard client to play games together. To add friends, you will need to launch the Blizzard application and then click on the icon located at the right of the panel. After that, you can just use their battle tag or email to send a friend request to other players. You can also add players directly from the game by clicking on their battle tag.

However, if the friend request feature is not working on your Blizzard Client, then here are some things that you should do to fix the friend request error.

How to Fix Blizzard Friend Request Not Working?

  1. Check Account Status

According to Blizzard, you will only be able to get friend requests if the account is set up correctly. So, if you’ve just recently made the account and have yet to complete the setup procedure then that is likely the reason why your friend request is not working. To fix this make sure to get your account fully registered and verified and then try using the friend request feature again. After that relog into the Blizzard client and then try sending a friend request again and it should work.

  1. Check Block List

It is not rare for users to accidentally block their friends. To be sure you will have to check the block list by going into the friend settings. If you find the name of your friend in the block list then simply remove him from the list and then send him a friend request. Now, he should be able to get your friend request without any problem. Make sure that you’re using the correct battle tag and there are no typing mistakes in the tag or your friend won’t get your friend request.

  1. Change Region

Among many other things you need to also ensure that the friend that you’re trying to add is on the same server. So, if you’re unable to add friends then try asking the person about the region that they have selected on the Blizzard client. Then switch to that region and send the friend request again. You can change the region while logging into your account. Select the region after putting in your credentials and then click login to change the region of your Blizzard account.

  1. Too Many Friends

Blizzard only allows users to add up to 200 friends to the client. So, if you or the person you’re trying to add has 200 friends on their list then the only way to add more friends is by removing someone from your list first. To do so, you can access the friend list from the Blizzard client and then remove a friend that you don’t talk with often.

Then you can send a friend request and the other person will take up the remaining space. It is best to keep your friend list under 150 friends on a Blizzard account to avoid issues like this. For further assistance regarding the friend list issue, try contacting Blizzard support.

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