3 Ways To Fix Patching Cannot Be Completed Diablo 2

patching cannot be completed diablo 2
patching cannot be completed diablo 2

Diablo 2 can be a repetitive game but the reason why so many players remain interested in this 20-year-old game is the skill advancement features. There are so many routes that you can take to make your character powerful. Currently, Blizzard has stopped releasing patches for this game, meaning that you won’t be getting any new features or updates for the game.

A few players have mentioned issues with connecting Diablo 2 with battle.net to patch the game but they keep getting “Patching cannot be completed” error and the patching process stops. Here is what you should do if you’re having similar issues with Diablo 2.

How to Fix Patching Cannot Be Completed Diablo 2?

  1. Manually Install Patch

Usually, the system will block your Diablo 2 from making changes which is why you can’t get the patching process to go through. To avoid this, you will need to run the game as an administrator and then go through the patching process again. There is a complete guide available on Blizzard forums for users that want to patch or troubleshoot the game. So, make sure to head over to the official forums if you’re not able to patch the game with your Blizzard client. That will help you get around the patching problem and the game will work properly.

You can also try downloading the patch from the Blizzard sources and then install the patch. Make sure that you’re installing the compatible version of the patch that can work with Diablo 2. Try rebooting your PC once and ensure that your drivers and the operating system are updated to narrow down on the actual reason why your game is not patching. Some players said that ending the background applications and then running the game as admin helped them fix the patching error so make sure to try that as well.

  1. Use Digital Copy

If the patch is still not working out for you and the same patching error exists then try downloading the digital copy on your PC and install that to play Diablo 2 on your PC. This can be done by using your browser to go to the Blizzard forums. From there log into your account and then click on your profile icon in the top right corner of your window. Navigate to account settings and go to the subscription tab. You will find the download link for Diablo 2 under the head of classic games. Use the link to download the game and then install that as admin.

However, if Diablo 2 is not showing up under the head of classic games, then you will need the 16-digit code on your copy of the game to redeem a digital copy from Blizzard. Enter the 16-digit code into the redeem section and then Diablo 2 will start showing up under subscriptions. Use the link and download the game on your PC. If you’re having issues with downloading the game and the link is not working then you should try using a different browser to open up Blizzard forums and then go through the whole procedure again.

  1. Check Antivirus

The majority of the player base was able to fix the patching issues after running the game as administrator. However, if you’ve tried everything and the game is still not working then check if there are any Antivirus installed on your PC that might be interfering with the patching process. You need to either disable these programs or allow free access to Diablo 2 for everything to work properly. After disabling your antivirus, you can try reinstalling the game and then going through the patching procedure again to check if everything is working or not.

Ideally, you won’t have any issues after you right-click the game and run it as administrator. So, make sure to try that first before moving on to other methods. If you’re still not able to get your Diablo 2 working then asking the support team might be your best bet. Use your browser to access the technical support forums on Blizzard and create a support thread there. Provide a detailed description of the patching error and then wait for someone to respond. Try out different steps recommended by the support and other users to fix the patching problem.

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