3 Common Corsair Scimitar Elite Scroll Wheel Problems (With Solutions)

corsair scimitar elite scroll wheel problem
corsair scimitar elite scroll wheel problem

One of the most common issues with a gaming mouse is when you notice the scroll wheel suddenly start acting up. As part of being the most vital components of a mouse, it can be pretty annoying to deal with the scroll wheel not giving any response. Regarding this, Corsair Scimitar Elite users have mentioned how their scroll wheel is running into a problem whenever they attempt to use it. To help such users be able to troubleshoot such issues, we will be listing some of the most effective solutions to such problems. So, let’s have a look!

Corsair Scimitar Elite Scroll Wheel Problem

1. Scrolls in Opposite Direction

The first complaint that we have seen most users make is regarding the scroll wheel working in opposite direction. More specifically, if these users were to scroll down using the mouse, their screen would scroll up instead.

Furthermore, these users mentioned how the issue only seemed to remain for a few seconds before going back to normal. From what we have managed to gather so far, this typically happens as the result of having the scroll wheel not being clean.

Therefore, we strongly advise that you start with checking your scroll wheel and using material like petroleum jelly or Vaseline near the scroll wheel mechanism. Though we must mention how you may have to open up your mouse before attempting to clean the scroll wheel. Also, once you have applied these, try scrolling the mouse several times so it can work without any issues.

2. Scrolling Speed Changes

Another common complaint that many users have made about the scroll wheel is about varying speed. To put it more simply, their mouse will often change the speed at which the scroll wheel works even when the user hasn’t physically pressed or changed the DPI.

Not only can this be pretty annoying to deal with, but users with this particular issue often found themselves scrolling more than they were supposed to. What’s even worse is that there can be plenty of reasons why your mouse may suddenly act up like this, including a faulty scroll wheel.

However, before you decide to throw away your mouse, we strongly advise that you try cleaning the scroll wheel. Similarly, make sure that you have properly configured your mouse on the PC and have the latest drivers installed.

3. Scroll Wheel Freezes On Screen

Apart from the two issues explained above, we also saw cases where the scroll wheel suddenly got stuck on the screen. Even if the user was scrolling using the mouse, nothing happened on the screen for a few seconds. However, as soon as it gets back to normal, the screen starts scrolling again.

While users may confuse this with a computer freeze, it is an issue directly related to the mouse. Unfortunately, these types of issues can be the result of both hardware and software-related problem.

Though we recommend that you start by checking whether you have the proper drivers installed on your computer. Ensure that your computer successfully detects your mouse and that you have correctly plugged in the mouse.  Once you have made sure of all these, then the only other thing left would be to physically check the mouse for any sort of issues. You may attempt to clean the scrolling wheel to see if that helps.

Claiming Warranty On Your Mouse

If you have recently bought a brand-new Corsair Scimitar Elite, then chances are that you may have received a faulty mouse from the get-go. However, the mouse should still be under warranty which is why we recommend that you try claiming a warranty on the mouse.

The Bottom Line:

It is quite common to face a scroll wheel problems when using the Corsair Scimitar Elite. Though most of these issues can be fixed by physically inspecting and cleaning the scroll wheel, we still recommend that you read the instructions given in the article above as it should help.

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