5 Ways To Fix Corsair H2100 Mic Not Working

corsair h2100 mic not working
corsair h2100 mic not working

Most people who are into gaming and all of the great different peripherals available for PC gaming specifically are no doubt familiar with Corsair and many of the great products they have in their variety. There’s a lot of things to like about the brand, and it must be said that all of the different headphones they have are certainly included in all of this.

One example of this is the Corsair H2100 headset that has a lot to love about it. One example, in particular, is that there usually aren’t too many issues encountered by those who use it.

But not too many doesn’t mean that there aren’t any at all. Players might have to encounter the occasional error now and then, such as one which causes the mic to stop working entirely. Microphones are a highly important part of any gaming headset, which is exactly why this is a big problem.

Luckily the solutions are pretty easy, so there’s not too much to worry about in that regard. Here are all of the easy and effective ways that anyone can try out to get rid of the Corsair H2100 mic not working issue.

How to Fix Corsair H2100 Mic Not Working?

  1. Default Device

A very important thing to keep in mind, particularly for all of those who use the Corsair H2100 headset on Windows, is to make sure that it is set up as your main audio recording device. If it isn’t set as the default device for recording, the headphones will usually cause microphone issues such as this one. That’s why the first solution is to make sure that these settings are adjusted correctly.

To do so, just go to the Windows sound settings and check both the output and input options. Make sure that both of these are set to the speakers and microphones respectively on the Corsair H2100 headset that users own. If this is done and the problem still isn’t fixed, another good option would be to check the settings of the specific program the microphone isn’t working with and seeing if it is the default recording device there.

  1. Change iCUE Settings

One solution recommended to all those who have recently gotten their headphones and/or have only recently installed the iCUE application is to use its many different options to their advantage. There will be all kinds of different settings for audio input here. Make sure these are adjusted to your liking and that the input volume is set up correctly too, just to ensure there aren’t any problems here.

  1. Allow Permissions

Another solution related to settings and permissions for the Corsair H2100 headset is this one which requires you to make the most out of Windows privacy settings. To access these, the first thing users will have to do is open up the Windows Settings menu

After this, they’ll find an entire tab dedicated to privacy options.  From here, choose the setting related to microphones and click on it. Now just allow application permissions for the Corsair H2100 headphones’ microphone so that it will work properly from now on.

  1. Update Drivers

This is a solution that is awfully simple in particular. While computers usually take care of things such as these for users, there are the odd few cases where one might have to update device drivers manually. This includes the drivers for the Corsair H2100.

The latest version available for these can always be found at the official Corsair site, so make sure to find and download them. Consider completely uninstalling and reinstalling them too if the first option wasn’t successful.

  1. Uninstall/Reinstall iCUE

The last option that users have is to get rid of iCUE and all of its files stored on the computer. That’s because corrupted profiles and more problems of the sort with the Corsair Utility Engine can cause issues like this one, which can only be fixed by getting rid of the app and then downloading it again. Once it has been uninstalled, install the latest version from the Corsair website. The Corsair H2100 mic should work without any issues now.

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