Corsair Fan Direction Setting: Method For Adjusting & Why It Is Important

corsair fan direction
corsair fan direction

Unlike some other brands out there, Corsair certainly isn’t one that limits itself to the most basic gaming peripherals. Instead, there are all sorts of different devices that are offered by the company. This includes Corsair CPU coolers and more products of the sort.

While it may not seem like it at first, getting a great fan for your CPU is very important. That’s because this is the component that is pretty much solely responsible for ensuring that all the other components inside of the central processing unit can run in ideal conditions, without too much heat.

But a fan with a cool and durable design isn’t all that there is to it, since taking into account accessibility is also important. Corsair offers cooling systems that can offer said accessibility, allowing users to change all kinds of different settings related to them.

There is one specific setting related to the cooling fans from the brand that we’ll be discussing today. If you’re interested in Corsair fan directions and learning all about why setting them up is so important, continue reading below to find out all that you need to.

Corsair Fan Direction Setting

As many might be able to figure out thanks to the name of this setting, it is all about the direction of the Corsair cooling fans that users own. There are some who might think that such a setting isn’t exactly that handy since there’s only so much importance that the direction of the cooling system can hold.

However, that’s where they’d be wrong, since making sure that these are pointed in the right way is a key part of keeping one’s CPU running at ideal capacity. The reason why this is the case might not be all that apparent at first, but that’s why we’re here to delve into detail and reveal exactly why this is the case.

Why Correct Corsair Fan Direction is Important

Cooling fans are inside the CPU for one purpose and one purpose only. This is to get rid of all of the heat produced on the inside so that there’s more room for the cold on the outside to come in. That’s because heated conditions can damage other components, such as the GPU or the processer. But when you’ve got a good cooling fan on your side, it can help.

But that’s only the case when it’s pointed in the right direction. Users need to ensure that said fan is facing outwards, towards the back of the case where there should be small compartments for air to escape and enter from. If the Corsair fans are facing towards the other components, they’ll just make things much, much worse. So now that you know exactly why this is so important, here’s a brief but detailed guide on how to adjust the Corsair cooling fan’s direction.

A Simple Method for Adjusting This Setting

On top of all the great gaming hardware, Corsair also offers a software program that some reading this might already know how to use. This is the Corsair Utility Engine, known by many as iCUE for short. It has settings related to all of the different Corsair hardware that one owns, and this includes the cooling fans too.

The settings for these are exactly what you might expect them to be. While there are a few related to lighting and other appearance-related aspects of the sort, the ones we’re going to be discussing are the fan direction settings. These allow users to get an accurate visual of the fans through the form of a diagram, while also providing them with the option to change the way that each individual fan’s direction can be altered.

Players have the option to rotate these any single way that they like, as long as their direction is within 90 degrees of the original position. Change these in any way that you’d like so that they match your exact needs. Keep in mind that there’s the option to change the order of these fans through the iCUE app too, so users should make sure that they use those to their advantage too.

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