Can I Join A Guild On Another Server In WoW? (Answered)

can i join a guild on another server wow
can i join a guild on another server wow

Every online MMORPG game requires the player to choose a server before his character spawns on the map. The server selection mostly depends on the game, but most games feature multiple servers to choose from. Most of the time, once you have selected a server for a character, you may not be able to change it again.

Can I Join A Guild On Another Server In WoW?

As there are plenty of server options to choose from, and players cannot change them after choosing any one of the servers, many players have been found asking a question. You may have also the question “Can I join a guild on another server in WoW?” in mind.

Is It Possible?

It goes without saying that each server has its own player base. This means that in normal circumstances, you should not be able to interact with another player who belongs to a different server. However, things get a bit tricky here.

WoW has introduced the feature of Connected Realms in the game. The idea is to build a cross-realm technology that allows players who belong to a low-populated server or realm be able to group up with other players from other realms.

By no means does this means that you can play with players from any server at all. Instead, certain servers may only be connected to certain other servers. For instance, if 3 different servers belong to a group, only players belonging to those groups of servers may be able to play together effectively. All of the servers in the group will be connected together.

It is important that you never mix Connected Realms with CRZ (Cross-Realm Zones). If the guild belongs to the server that is merged with yours, then you can definitely join the guild without any problem. However, you can’t join guilds through CRZ.

You can check the list of servers that are all merged with each other through searching about Connected Realms of WoW. If the desired guild is in fact merged with your own server, then there shouldn’t be any complication joining the guild.

However, if it is not, then we’re afraid joining the guild simply isn’t possible. The only possible way would be to create a new character and play in the server where the guild is located.

The Bottom Line

“Can I join a guild on another server in WoW?” This is a question that revolves around the minds of plenty of WoW players. This is only possible if certain requirements are fulfilled. For more details, we suggest that you refer to this article as it has all the necessary details for answering the question.

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