3 Ways To Fix Blizzard Slow Download

blizzard slow download
blizzard slow download

Blizzard is arguably one of the best gaming platforms that you can choose. Even though there might not be as much variety of games when compared with other platforms, the quality of almost all of the games on this platform is amazing. You can download the client from the internet and then log in to your Blizzard account to access all the games that you’ve bought.

After logging into your account, you can use the launcher to download or update games on your PC. But if you’re having trouble with the download speed being too slow then here are some steps that can help you fix the slow download issues on the Blizzard client.

How to Fix Blizzard Slow Download?

  1. Check Limiter

There are a lot of factors that can affect the rate at which your game is being downloaded. However, the most common reason why users are not able to get the maximum speed on the Blizzard client is that there is a speed limiter in place that does not let the download speed exceed 0.1 Mbps. So, if you can’t get the download rate to go above 0.1 Mbps even though you have a good connection then you’re likely in a similar condition. You just have to remove the limiter or change the maximum limit to increase the download speed.

To do so, you need to launch the Blizzard client and then click on the icon on the top left of the application. That will open a menu for you, click on the Settings option and then proceed to the download settings. From there you just need to scroll down all the way and you will find the network bandwidth limiter. Now you can either disable it completely by unchecking the box next to the option or change the values next to the limiter to specify how much download rate you’d like the game to have.

  1. Check Network

If you’re using a wireless connection then chances are that it is the reason why you can’t get the desired download rate on your Blizzard client. You need to connect your PC directly with your router using a cable to get the maximum output from your router. Make sure to also reboot the router once before you connect the PC to eliminate the possibility of minor bugs in the network. You can check the network speed on your browser by running a speed test. If the speed test also shows that your network has low bandwidth then you should contact your service provider.

There are also cases when users have some other program running in the background that is taking up all the bandwidth. This might be why you have to wait so long to download a game on your client. Multiple applications like an emulator, torrent, or another platform like Steam can take up bandwidth if you have queued a game or a movie to download. You should either put the download on pause or completely exit out of any other programs running the background to fix the download rate on the Blizzard client.

  1. Busy Servers

If you are sure that there is no problem with your connection and none of the above-mentioned conditions apply to you then your issue may be because of busy servers. Sometimes when a new update or a game rolls out, that can put a lot of traffic on the servers causing them to behave like this. So, even though you have a strong connection installed in your home you might not be able to get the desired download rate until the load is removed from the servers. So, either you can keep waiting on the download or quit the client and download the game some other time.

To be sure, make sure to go to the Blizzard forums and check if other users are having the same issue. If everyone is complaining then Blizzard will take notice and they will try to get the issue fixed in no time. The only thing to do is wait till Blizzard sorts everything out. However, it is always best to wait a few hours when a new patch rolls out. Then you won’t have any issues in downloading or updating the game.

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