3 Ways To Fix Diablo 2 Failed To Join Game

diablo 2 failed to join game
diablo 2 failed to join game

Even though Diablo 2 is a very repetitive game you don’t get bored after hours of gameplay. It is pretty fun to compare character stats with your friends and try out some PVP. There are a lot of options available to what specialization you want your character to have. Overall, all the classes in this game are balanced and if you’re good enough you can play in any class and dominate other classes that are around the same level.

Many players have recently been reporting issues with running into the “Failed to join game” error. If your Diablo 2 is having a similar problem then the solutions mentioned below can potentially fix this error.

How to Fix Diablo 2 Failed To Join Game?

  1. Check Firewall Settings

Usually, it is a bug that happens when the servers go down, you don’t have to do anything except to wait it out. Once the servers are back online you can then relaunch the game and then try joining a game using your character and everything should work perfectly. This is true for users that were playing the game while the server went offline. So, as soon as the servers restart your character will be available again and hopefully you won’t have to do anything to get this error fixed with your Diablo 2.

However, if you’re sure that the servers didn’t go offline and you’re having this issue with your game then try checking the firewall settings on your game. You need to ensure that your port is not getting blocked by the firewall. Try disabling the firewall from the windows settings for a brief period and then launching your game. If everything works then you need to configure the firewall settings in a way that they don’t block port 4000. That way you will be able to easily join any game without further complications.

  1. Refresh Connection

If there were no issues with the firewall settings and you still can’t join any games after disabling the firewall completely, then you should try refreshing the network connection. To do so, just power cycle your router and then connect it again with your PC. After it is connected you can try logging into your character to see if you’re able to join a game. If you’re having an issue with only one character and all other characters work just fine then we believe that the character state is unknown and you will have to wait for the server to reset.

A few users did mention that they were able to fix the issue by deleting the “bncache.dat” file in the Diablo 2 folder. To do so, you will have to first exit out of the game and make sure no background process related to Diablo 2 is running. After that browse to the Diablo 2 installation files and then delta the file mentioned above. Reboot your PC and then launch the game again. There is a slight chance that your issue will be fixed.

  1. Ask Support

The best way to fix this issue is to just play on a different character while the state of your current character is restored. There is nothing much that you can do and this problem is related to the server-side of things. Ideally, it shouldn’t take the servers more than a few hours to reset and your characters will be playable in no time. So, just wait out the timer and grind out your other characters in the meanwhile. Even though this issue can be quite annoying, the best option is to wait while everything gets sorted out.

You can also try reaching out to Blizzard support on social media to inquire about the server status. However, if your character is not playable after you’ve waited more than 24 hours then try reporting the issue with a support ticket. That way a member from the support team can take a look at your account and get your character working again. A lot of members on the online forums are complaining about this problem and all you can do is hope that they fix the Diablo servers so that you don’t have to face the same issue again. Make sure to do your part by submitting a support ticket so that Blizzard takes notice.

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