5 Approaches To Solve Turtle Beach X31 Headset Problems

turtle beach x31 headset-problems
turtle beach x31 headset-problems

The Turtle Beach X31 is a solid headset that comes with a bunch of features that are all oriented towards giving you a great audio experience. Unfortunately, even these pair of headsets seem to come with their own set of problems that can pop up every once in a while.

Regarding these headsets, we have heard from users about facing all sorts of issues. For helping such users be able to troubleshoot most of the problems that they will come by, we will be focusing on listing some of the most common problems that come with Turtle Beach X31, along with their solutions. So, here is what you can do:

Fixing Turtle Beach X31 Headset Problems:

  1. Sound Coming Only from One Ear

A common problem that you will see pretty much every headset model suffer with is not getting sound from one ear. While this can happen due to a number of reasons which also include issues with the hardware, we recommend that you start with the wire.

First, ensure that you have properly secured the headset’s connector on the USB port. You can also try using a different USB port for making sure there is nothing wrong with it. Most of the time, some wire inside the ear cup might have gone loose which needs to be repaired. Even though you can do this on your own, we still suggest that you refer to a professional for the purpose.

  1. Audio Lagging Behind

Another common issue that we have seen users face is the audio that starts lagging behind a couple of milliseconds. This can be pretty annoying, especially if you are someone who enjoys competitive gaming. To start with, you can try troubleshooting both the firmware and drivers of the headset.

Along with it, we recommend that you ensure the connection between your headset and the PC. There shouldn’t be any type of interference that may cause the lag.

  1. Not Loud Enough

Users have also complained about the sound coming out of the headset being lower than usual. In such cases, the first thing that we recommend that you do is to make sure that you have the audio turned all the way up from both your headset as well as from the settings.

If the sound is coming out from a game, we suggest that you try checking the audio settings from the game. If you are still facing issues, then it is much better to install a 3rd party software or get a mixamp.

  1. Issues with Mic

We have also heard from various users about the mic causing all sorts of issues because of which gaming voice chat is being poorly affected. While a headset mic can easily get broken, we suggest that you check your microphone settings.

First, ensure that you have given your microphone permission to access the apps. Along with it, you can also test out your microphone from Windows settings. However, if you do have a damaged mic, we’re afraid that you will have to go with a dedicated mic as it won’t be repaired.

  1. Weird Sound Coming Out of Headset

There’s also a chance that you might have encountered an issue where you keep hearing a weird sound coming out of your headset. If that is so, then you should start with checking if the headsets are properly secured and connected to the PC.

Any kind of driver issue can make your headset act up, which is why we also recommend that you reinstall the drivers. Lastly, make sure there isn’t any interference between your devices.

The Bottom Line:

Keep encountering problems with the Turtle Beach X31? There are plenty of ways you can resolve most of the issues that you might encounter with these headsets. Still, if you seem to be struggling with any of these issues, then we strongly advise following the instructions that we have listed. Doing so should help you get rid of any of these problems for good.

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