6 Troubleshooting Tips For League of Legends Sound Not Working

League of Legends Sound Not Working
League of Legends Sound Not Working

Multiplayer Only Battle Arena games are some of the most famous types of multiplayer games out there. They’re super fun to play, especially with friends, and they provide a competitive rush like no other. The most popular MOBA, and arguably the best one of them all, is League of Legends. This action-packed title has been one of the most mentioned names in all of gaming for years now. But, not all of these mentions are positive. There are lots of people that have a negative experience with a game, such as those that might run into an issue with sound not working while they play League of Legends. If this is currently happening to you, read this article for tips on fixing the issue.

Troubleshooting the League of Legends Sound Not Working 

1. System Sound

It is quite likely the turned-off system sound is the reason for this issue. Therefore, if you are not able to hear any sound while playing this game then the fix is to check the system sound and turn it on if the sound is muted. You can turn on the system sound by clicking the speaker icon displayed on the taskbar. By doing this, a small window will appear where you can adjust the sound of the system according to your need.

2. Physical Device Volume

On the other hand, if the volume of the physical device such as speakers or headphones is turned off , itcan also cause this issue. In this case, check the volume of the physical device and if it is low then adjust the volume according to your preference by clicking on the volume up button. The sound problem in the League of Legends will be fixed after attempting this step.

3. In-Game Sound

Furthermore, if the in-game sound is turned off then you will not hear any sound when you are playing this game. Therefore, check the in-game sound by going to the game settings, and if it is turned off then turn it on. By doing this, the sound problem will be solved.

4. Connection

Aside from the in-game sound, if the headset or speaker is not connected to the console then this might cause this problem to pop up. Thus, connect the headset/speaker to the console. You can connect the headset/speaker through a cable. Moreover, you can also establish a wireless connection if the device supports a wireless connection.

5. Drivers

The drivers play a major role to operate an external device. Thus, if the sound drivers are not installed or need to be updated then install/update the drivers to fix this issue. You can install/update the drivers from a trusted website on the internet.

6. Glitch

The glitch in the game or software can also cause this problem to show up. This usually is not something that you can blame your device or even the game for. All you can do is file a complaint to League of Legend’s support team and hope that they can resolve the bug for you.

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