4 Ways To Fix League of Legends Bad Image Error

league of legends bad image error
league of legends bad image error

We have all enjoyed playing League of Legends as it is one of the most popular games of all time. However, it can suck to experience issues when you are playing a game like League of Legends.

Regarding this, a common complaint that many users have had in the past is the League of Legends bad image error. So, if you are also a player who has experienced a similar error on their game, then here is what you can do to get it fixed for good:

Fixing League of Legends Bad Image Error:

  1. Reinstalling the Game

Most of the time, this error is the result of not being able to fully install the game on your computer. As a result, if you do face this error, then it means that you might have to go through the installation process again.

Start with uninstalling League of Legends from your computer, after which we recommend that you download and install the game again. Similarly, when you are about to open the game, ensure that you run the program as an administrator. This will make sure there aren’t any privilege issues with the game.

  1. Adding An Exception

It is also possible that your Windows Firewall or the Antivirus program is making the game act up while you are trying to play it. If that is the case, then you will have to add your game as an exception.

First, open Windows Firewall, and locate your game. There should be an option to add the whole program as an exception which will make sure it won’t interfere with the game. Likewise, we also suggest that you temporarily disable your antivirus as it can end up removing certain files from your computer.

  1. Clearing App Data

Another thing that should be able to help you resolve the problem is to clear out the game’s app and cache data which can be the reason why you are facing this bug. You should be able to locate these files under the Users folder found inside your C drive.

Once you do, ensure that you remove the %appdata% folder. Afterward, you should be able to get your game running again.

  1. Reinstalling Client

Apart from reinstalling the game, you can also try reinstalling the client through which you are downloading the game in the first place. Certain users have suggested how a buggy client can also lead to such issues which can be resolved through a simple reinstall.

The Bottom Line:

The League of Legends bad image error is mostly the result of your Antivirus or Firewall program messing up your game. However, if you have already checked both these programs, then you can try clearing out your game’s app data folder as well as reinstalling the whole game.

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