What Are Nitwit In Minecraft? (Explained)

minecraft nitwit
minecraft nitwit

Well, not everything in Minecraft is there to serve you personally or holds a purpose. There are tons of phenomenon, non-playing characters, animals, plants, and materials there that are just there for no reason and you cannot do anything about it. This is a concept I guess to keep the realistic touch of the game as there are several prospects like this in the real world as well and we have to make our peace with them. So, there are these nitwits in the game that make it more fun and realistic. If you are looking to know more about them, here is everything that might be popping in your mind.

What are Nitwits in Minecraft?

Nitwits are essentially a mob that is most useless of the mobs. They cannot be assigned to a job as they don’t have a profession. You can think of these nitwits as the villagers who are just there and without a purpose. But they are a part of villagers and they can be brought to mansions, farms, or your village like any other villager. The only thing that separates them from the villagers is that they don’t have a trade at all.

What can Nitwits do?

Nitwits don’t have a trade so they cannot do any work and that is established. So, they are just going to spend their days pottering about aimlessly and you will find them not attracted to any emeralds like other villagers will be running the chores for you. They will just go on living their life happily and would not disturb you at all.

The interesting thing about nitwits is that they do eat and you can make them happy by giving them food if you have some spare food lying around and they will go on their way.

How to recognize a Nitwit in Minecraft?

There are different types of villagers in the game each with a different trade so you can know which job will suit them well and you can put them up to the task. The same can not be said for nitwits as they cannot be employed but if you are wondering why a certain villager is not getting attracted to your emeralds, that is because they don’t have a job. So, to look out for nitwits, they will have a green robe and that is an unmistakable sign of a nitwit. The green robes make them stand out and it is fun to have them around for a little bit unless they start crowding the place for you or you get tired of them.

Can Nitwits Breed?

Yes, that is something they can do and they would seem pretty happy about it. You can say that they only sleep, eat, breed, and roam around without a purpose. The nitwits can breed with other nitwits and villagers with a trade too, so you would not have any problem there. Just give them a place where they can breed and appropriate food and you will have a baby villager in no time.

Like out there in the real world, it is not necessary that nitwit babies will also be nitwits and once they grow up, they can have their own trades and you can employ them for a purpose.

How to Kill Nitwits?

This is a question that is most asked around the internet and not many people are sure about it. If you directly kill any villager including nitwits, the golems will go argo on you and you will have a hard time running away from them and surviving. There are multiple methods that you can use to kill those nitwits, but make sure that you are not attacking them directly. Here are a few things that you can try to kill those nitwits if you are tired of them.

To start with, you can use lava, or drop them in a deep hole with lava in it. You can also try putting them in a hole and putting some gravel on the top. Anything that involves not directly attacking them with do and you can kill those nitwits without having Golems at your back.

This is all that you might need to know about nitwits and will serve you right during the game.

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