Merge Dragons Grimshire 2: Complete Guide

merge dragons grimshire 2
merge dragons grimshire 2

Grimshire 2 is one of the many levels that players need to clear in order to advance in Merge Dragons! The level requires players to create a merge Gaia statue, while also trying to complete three other objectives. These three objectives are optional and provide players with stars upon completion. Successfully doing all of these objectives while playing the level will allow a player to earn 3 stars from the level.

Grimshire 2 is relatively easy. The level is only a little tricky at the start, but you’ll be able to clear it with ease once you make a few right moves. If you’re struggling with any part of the level, follow the walkthrough below and you’ll be able to clear Grimshire 2 with ease.

Clearing Grimshire 2 in Merge Dragons!

grimshire 2

  • Healing all the dead land located on the main island is the first thing that you’ll want to do after you’ve started the level. Doing this will provide you with Life Flower Sprouts.
  • Align the Super Dead Land with these Life Flower Sprouts in order to form a chain merge with the grass. This merge will result in the formation of a Loot Orb.
  • Drag this orb above the Fruit Tree Leaves which are located near the Gaia Statue and then activate it.
  • After this, you’ll need to gather two Life Flowers and four Life Flower Sprouts. Merge all of these with the grass in order to form a Blue Life Flower. Again, you’ll receive two more loot orbs. Activate these loot orbs over the Fruit Tree Leaves, just like the previous orb.
  • You’ll have to continue merging Life Flower Sprouts and the grass together. Repeat this process over and over again until you have two Blue Life Flowers to use.
  • Now that you have two Blue Life Flowers, merge them with Life Flowers and Life Flower Sprouts, as well as the grass. The merge will result in a Glowing Life Flower, along with three additional Loot Orbs.
  • You’ll be able to heal the two Fruit Tree Leaves and the Mushroom Cap with the help of these healing Loot Orbs.
  • Now, this step is one of the most important in the whole level. Grab the Glowing Life Flower which you previously got. Now carefully move it to the left side of the bottom of the island. Make absolutely certain of the fact that you keep it at the bottom, as placing it at the upper rows will make it impossible to finish the level.
  • Now you need to activate four Heal Extenders. Use one of these in order to merge the Grass Tufts. Use the second one to merge the Prism Flower Seeds. Use the third one in order to merge the Lawn Grasses. Lastly, use one more Heal Extender to create 2 Hero Mushrooms by merging 5 Spotted Shrooms with one another.
  • For your next move, merge the Fruit Tree Saplings. Activate yet another Heal Extender after doing this in order to free on of the Roc Eggs.
  • Your next focus will be to free the second Roc Egg, but you’ll need to make a few more tricky moves before this is possible. Drag your two Hero Mushrooms and bring them close to the one that you’ll find on the Super Dead Land. Make the merge after doing all of this.
  • You’ll have to use 3 more Heal Extenders. The first of these extenders must be used to Merge the Rain Puddles. The second Heal Extender needs to be used in order to merge the Hills. Now you’re very close to freeing the second Roc Egg and beating the level.
  • Now it’s time to use the third Heal Extender which was mentioned in the previous step. Merge the Drake’s Edges on this next move and use the third Heal Extender in order to finally get the second Roc Egg.
  • You’re very close to the end now, as the level is pretty much straightforward after this. You need to form a merge with the great grasses in order to continue with the level.
  • This next move is up to you. You need to activate a Heal Extender. After this, it is up to you to decide whether or not you wish to tap on the Life Essence or simply move it elsewhere. Both moves can be considered the right choice and will allow you to move a step closer to victory in Grimshire 2.
  • Use the Heal Extender yet again in order to comfortably merge the Triple Shroom. The Triple Shroom is one of the multiple types of mushrooms in the game and is relatively common.
  • Now, all you need to do is merge the two Roc Eggs that you collected in order to finish move closer to the end. In order to merge these Roc Eggs, you’ll need to use one final Heal Extender. Use this Heal Extender and tap it on the Nest of Tribal Dragon Eggs. You’ll finally be able to merge both the Roc Eggs that you previously collected in the level.
  • Making this move means that you’ll finally have dragons to make things much easier for you. These dragons will help you out and will allow you to easily take care of the rest of the level.
  • The level is nearly over now. All you need to do heal all the land around the Destroyed Gaia Statue. Merge after doing this and the level will be over!

Rewards for Completing Grimshire 2

grimshire 2 rewards

Once you’ve finally completed, it will be time to claim all those rewards that you worked so hard for. The level offers three separate possible rewards that players can earn after completion. These rewards include a Shrub Sprouts, Mushroom Caps, and a Green Dragon Egg that can be used in order to form a new dragon. Just follow the guide above and you’ll easily be able to complete Grimshire 2 and earn these rewards.

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