4 Things To Do If Logitech G Hub Is Not Detecting G502

logitech g hub not detecting g502
logitech g hub not detecting g502

The Logitech G Hub is a great utility tool through which you can successfully configure all of your Logitech peripherals with ease. Through the software, users are allowed to set various presets for their gaming mouse.

Unfortunately, we have been hearing a lot of issues regarding the Logitech G Hub not detecting the G502. The users who have been facing the issue mentioned how they are unable to configure their mouse as it won’t get detected. To fix the issue, here are some solutions that can be applied to this particular problem:

How to Fix Logitech G Hub Not Detecting G502?

1. Run the Program as an Admin

The reason why you may be having trouble with the Logitech software could be because of permission issues. Though if that is the case, then you will only need to run the program as an admin which should get rid of any such issue.

To run the software as an admin, right-click on your G Hub logo, and simply click on “Run this program as an administrator.” In case you get another prompt, make sure that you click on Yes.

2. Faulty Drivers

Another reason why your mouse may not be getting detected could have something to do with having faulty driers installed on your computer. The first thing you will need to do is to open Device Manager and locate your gaming mouse.

Now, right-click and click on update/uninstall drivers. Try manually locating the drivers under C:\Windows\WinSxS. However, if that does not work, then you can try manually downloading and installing the drivers through Logitech’s official software.

3. Reinstall G Hub

It is also possible that your G Hub might simply be acting up. In such cases, it is strongly advised to reinstall the Logitech software in your computer. Just as a precaution, we also recommend that you restart your computer once the program installs again.

4. Trying a Different USB Port

The last thing that you can do is to try a different USB port on your computer. One thing to be aware of is that the mouse only seems to support a USB port that is greater than 2.0. So, it is possible that you might be plugging the mouse on a port that isn’t supported.

Alternatively, you can try plugging your mouse into any other computer to see if it works.

The Bottom Line:

Frustrated with Logitech G Hub not detecting G502? Chances are that you are facing a problem with your G Hub which is why you can start with running the program as an admin. If that does not seem to work, then we recommend moving on to troubleshooting the drivers of your mouse. To learn more about this, be sure to refer to the article above!

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