5 Easy Steps To Turn Off Twitch Email Notifications

how to turn off twitch email notifications
how to turn off twitch email notifications

Twitch has become of the biggest streaming platforms in the digital industry over the years. On Twitch you can find all types of people mainly gamers people cooking and cleaning and even eating and pretty much anything they can get a hold of in front of the camera. With the pandemic hitting and people becoming confined to their homes the streaming platform took off. Its popularity has also grown where it is now sponsored by gaming companies and sports giants alike.

If you have a Twitch account then and several subscribers then you can end up making good money. If your streaming is interactive and people like to see it then you might end up getting donations. And then there are subscriptions to your channels and streams where if you have a booming channel with a lot of subscribers then you make good money this way too.

How To Turn Off Twitch Email Notifications

One of the problems of the modern social age is the constant ringing and alerts from notifications. If you are an avid Twitch Streamer with a significant following then you are prone to get nonstop email notifications. If you have 100 news subscribers every day then you might be getting 100 new emails and notifications from Twitch every day. There are a few ways to turn your Twitch notifications off and we will look into each one below.

1. Disable Twitch Notifications on Mobile

If you are using the Twitch app on your mobile then you might also be getting nonstop notifications from Twitch. One way of going about this is to change your email address to a new/older one that you don’t use anymore. From your Twitch account go to settings, Account and under email update the email address you want it to change to.

2. Disable Twitch Notifications From Your Browser

You might also be sometimes accessing your Twitch account from your web browser. To stop getting notifications you can go to your account settings and under notifications just select the updated email address preference as we did in the first step.

3. Unsubscribe From Twitch Email

There might be an easier way of going about this. With this, you won’t have to go to your account settings every time. Simply go to your inbox and select the notifications email and right-click on unsubscribing from any further email notifications.

4. Third party Email Cleaner

Email Cleaner apps help you remove unwanted emails and also help you unsubscribe from newsletters and fishing emails. If you do decide to go by this app then simply download it and use its unsubscribe feature to unsubscribe from Twitch email notifications.

5. Move Twitch Notifications to Read Later

By doing this you will be moving all of your Twitch-related emails to the read later tab. This will also block any pop-up of related email notifications to show up.

Here are a few ways you can go about it if you want to turn off your Twitch notifications.

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