How To Turn Off Read Receipts On Discord? (Explained)

how to turn off read receipts on discord
how to turn off read receipts on discord

Read receipts are a popular feature found in most messaging apps. Through this particular feature, users can tell if a person has read their text messages or not. Similarly, these apps also allow users to be able to turn off their read receipts for privacy concerns. As Discord is another application that can be used for messaging, people often wonder whether it is possible to turn off this feature. In case you are also someone who has been wondering “How to turn off read receipts in Discord?”, then here is what you should know:

How To Turn Off Read Receipts On Discord?

For all those worried about having their read receipts turned on in the Discord app, they would be surprised to know that the application does not support the feature. To be more specific, Discord does include any feature like reading receipts.

This means that whatever text you send or receive, there won’t be any visual queue that which the message has been read by the user. While some users do think this is for the better, others don’t seem to be on board with this.

Why Does Discord Not Have a Read Receipt Feature?

While there isn’t any solid answer to the question, chances are that the reason why this application does not incorporate the use of reading receipts is because of privacy concerns. Most users don’t like the idea of having other users notified when their messages were read.

This is also the reason why most messaging apps including WhatsApp give users the option of turning off their read receipts. But in Discord’s case, the feature does not exist altogether. So, if you were thinking about turning on/off read receipts on Discord, we’re afraid there isn’t an option to do so as the feature does not exist.

However, it can be argued that if it was purely for privacy concerns, then why don’t Discord also give users the option of turning on/off the read receipt feature. While it does make sense if Discord does decide to do so, we will have to wait for an official statement on the matter before we can conclude anything. But till then, there isn’t’ anything that you can do about it.

The Bottom Line:

How to turn off read receipts on Discord? While most applications give you multiple options on whether you like the settings turned on or off, there isn’t any feature that notifies whether your messages are read on Discord. This is why if you were wondering about turning the setting off or are concerned about having others know when you have read a text message, there isn’t anything that you have to worry about.

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