How To Tell If Discord Nitro Is Fake? (Answered)

how to tell if discord nitro is fake
how to tell if discord nitro is fake

Discord Nitro acts like the premium version of Discord through which you get access to all features that are offered by Discord on a subscription basis. While you can use the whole application for free, Discord Nitro allows certain features including being able to stream at 1080p on 60FPS. While using Discord, you might have received an invite link for Discord Nitro, which may have made you wonder “How to tell if Discord Nitro is fake?” If you are having a hard time identifying whether the link is legit or fake, then here is what you need to know!

How To Tell If Discord Nitro Is Fake?

If you are scared about receiving a fake link or virus through Discord, then you are completely in the right to be concerned about it! As Discord has plenty of bots that send invite links that lead to malware or viruses, it is only logical that one would think of receiving a potential threat when receiving a Discord Nitro gift.

However, the question remains as to how one can tell if a link is fake or legit. For starters, there are several things that you can check which are all mentioned below:

1. Checking For Fishy Text Inside Links

The first thing that you can check whenever you receive any link on Discord is if the text inside the link seems fishy. More specifically, you can look for any possible words that don’t make sense inside the link, or how the link ends.

In case you can’t seem to figure out what might be wrong with the hyperlink, we recommend that you see what a legit Discord Nitro invite is supposed to look like through Google Images. This way, you should be able to differentiate between a legit and a fake link.

2. Check For Embedded Links

Another thing that you should most definitely check is the embedded links. Most usually, embedded links are sent by bots and turn out to be masked links that can prompt you to an undesirable place with a potential threat.

One thing that often users ignore is that Discord Nitro links usually come with a special kind of embed that easily distinguishes the link from the fake ones. But if you were to receive a link with a fishy embed, we suggest that you should not attempt to open that link.

3. Checking the Sender

The person who sent you the Discord Nitro invite link can also tell you a lot about whether the link might be fake or legit. If the invite’s being sent by a bot or a user that you don’t have any idea about, it is probably safer to not open the invite link.

Similarly, if you receive the link from a friend, we still recommend that you be careful as users can end up sending invites to their friends as soon as their accounts get compromised.

What If You Accidentally Opened A Fake Discord Link?

In case you have opened a fake Discord link, then you might be prompted to enter your login credentials. You have to make sure that you don’t give out any private information in such links.

But if you have already given your password, then you will have to immediately secure your account by changing the password and activating 2-factor authorization. Furthermore, we recommend that you get in touch with your customer support and let them know about this. They should help you further on getting the issue resolved as soon as they can.

The Bottom Line:

How to tell if Discord Nitro is fake? While there are plenty of ways that you can end up opening a fake Discord link, it is safer if you knew how you could distinguish between a fake and legit Discord Nitro link. If you wish to learn exactly how you can do so, then be sure to read the instructions that we have mentioned in the article above!

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