How To Know If Someone Read Your Discord Message

how to know if someone read your discord message
how to know if someone read your discord message

Discord is one of the most popular apps that can be used to be a part of different communities or to get in touch with your friends. While the app incorporates the option of voice and video calls, you can also send direct messages to users. However, regarding the direct messaging features, a common concern that many users have raised is whether they can learn if someone has read their message. If you are also someone who is wondering “How to know if someone read your Discord message?”, then we highly recommend that you keep on reading!

How To Know If Someone Read Your Discord Message

Most social apps include a unique feature called read receipts through which users are allowed to know when their messages were read. Similarly, these apps also allow their users to turn the feature off whenever they want.

Though in the case of Discord, there isn’t any feature that lets you learn whether your messages have been read. As a result, unlike most other applications, Discord does not let you know when your messages have been seen by the other user.

Is There Any Workaround To Read Receipts?

For users wondering whether there is any other possible way to learn whether the messages have been seen in Discord, then we’re afraid there isn’t. The only thing that you can do is to guess whether your messages might have been read or not.

However, that isn’t a good approach either. While Discord hasn’t specifically mentioned why they haven’t made this feature available to users, out best guess is that this feature hasn’t rolled out because of privacy concerns. As most users don’t like the idea of notifying other users when they have read their messages, they didn’t incorporate any such feature.

Is Discord Working On This Feature?

Recently, a few developers tweeted on Discord’s official page that they are considering the idea of introducing a similar feature on Discord. Still, there hasn’t been any official statement to back whether Discord has been working to bring this feature live.

Though we can still hope that Discord does manage to bring an option where users would freely be able to select whether they want the read feature turned on or off.

The Bottom Line:

How to know if someone read your Discord message? As Discord currently does not have any feature that acts similar to a read receipt, there isn’t any possible way of knowing whether your text messages have been read.

But it is worth mentioning how there have been recent hints about Discord working on this feature. If that is true, then it is only a matter of time before we can easily learn whether the messages we send on Discord have been read or not!

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