How to Connect HyperX Cloud 2 Wireless To Xbox One? (Answered) 

how to connect hyperx cloud 2 wireless to xbox one
how to connect hyperx cloud 2 wireless to xbox one

Using a new headset on your console often requires you to first set it up. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as plugging in your cord directly to the console. Even after your console detects your headset, you will still need to configure a few things before you can enjoy a seamless audio experience.  

That being said, we have still seen users ask the question about how to connect HyperX Cloud 2 wireless to Xbox One. If you wish to learn more about it as well, then here are some of the things that you will need to keep in mind:  

How to Connect HyperX Cloud 2 Wireless To Xbox One?  

Unfortunately, the Xbox does not officially support the use of USB audio transfer. This means that you won’t be able to wirelessly connect your headset unless you decide to use a 3rd party device.  

While not completely wireless, you can still try connecting your headset to a controller which should eliminate the need of having to be close to your console while playing. However, if you really wish to use the headset without any wire, then you will need a wireless headset base.  

Using the wireless headset base, you should be able to connect digital audio to your Xbox, but this will still need a bit of wired connection for voice chat.  

So, if you were looking for a truly wireless experience on the HyperX Cloud 2 with Xbox One, we’re afraid it’s not possible. In fact, the headset does not come fully supported with your console which is part of the reason why you won’t be able to get it to work without any wires.  

Still, you can try using devices like a wireless headset base which should still somewhat work. Similarly, you can also connect your HyperX Cloud 2 to your Xbox One using an RCA AV Multiport Adapter. Through the adapter, you will be able to connect the headset to the HDMI Port of your Xbox One.  

But then again, this does not come near to what you would expect from a wireless connection. For that, you will have to try going for any other option as HyperX Cloud 2 was originally designed to be a headset for your PC.  

The Bottom Line:  

For those of you thinking about how to connect your HyperX Cloud 2 wireless to Xbox One, it technically isn’t possible. While there are still multiple ways through which you should have your headset connected to the console, none of them are completely wireless.  

Though if you would like to learn the details about how you can connect the headset to the console, be sure to read through the article above! Doing so should help you answer all of the queries that you might have.  

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