What Is Fortnite Windowed Mode? (Explained)

fortnite windowed mode
fortnite windowed mode

Fortnite is a game with many accessibility settings which allow every player to adjust the game’s functions to their liking. This includes settings for controls, display, performance, and much more of the sort.

While there are many which can be helpful when used, there are also some settings that shouldn’t be used by most players. Some believe that the Fortnite windowed mode falls in the latter category, while some believe it falls in the former one. If you’re looking to learn more about the setting and how it works, along with our opinion on whether or not players should use it, continue reading below.

What is Fortnite Windowed Mode?

This is something that most people are already obviously familiar with. But, this introduction is for the few that aren’t, so that everyone can properly understand what we have to say. It is simply a mode that allows users to play the game without it covering up the entire screen. Instead, it runs in a small window which usually covers up more than half of the display.

While this can certainly help in a few ways by making it easier to navigate between programs while still playing Fortnite, there are some major disadvantages as well. That said, here’s our opinion on whether or not playing Fortnite in windowed mode is the correct choice for players.

Should You Play Fortnite in Windowed Mode?

The shortest and simplest answer to this question which we can possibly provide is that no, players definitely shouldn’t be playing Fortnite in windowed mode. There’s a lot of reasons why this is the case, and we’ll be discussing some of the main ones right now.

The first thing to know is that playing in windowed mode takes a huge toll on the overall frame rate, meaning that the game will be running much worse in this mode as opposed to full-screen mode.

Playing in windowed mode also means there’s definitely going to be a lot more input lag than full-screen mode, which is something to watch out for as well. These alone are two major reasons for avoiding windowed mode since it will surely affect the way that you play Fortnite in a very negative way.

Windowed mode is known to cause issues with resolution as well, which is another big problem. So make sure to always stick to full screen as it will simply help you a lot.

How to Force Fortnite to Exit Windowed Mode

There are some cases in which users might not be able to exit windowed mode even if they don’t want to use it. This is a common issue that can be costly and can ruin one’s experience playing Fortnite. Luckily, there are a few very simple and efficient ways of forcing the game to go to full-screen mode.

The main and best option is to simply go to the settings and switch to full-screen mode. If that doesn’t work, try pressing Alt + Enter and that will surely do the trick.

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