3 Ways To Fix Fortnite The Code That You Are Using Couldn’t Be Found

fortnite the code you are using couldn't be found
fortnite the code you are using couldn’t be found

Most online games require you to create a dedicated account. Through the account, you are then allowed to play that game. However, with so many accounts, anyone can forget the password of one or two accounts.

In these cases, the option to reset the password provides great help. By simply using this option, you can successfully go through some security procedures in order to effectively reset your password. You can then change the password of the account to whatever you like.

How To Fix Fortnite The Code That You Are Using Couldn’t Be Found?

Recently, players trying to reset their password have been coming across this weird issue. According to them. Whenever they click on the “Forgot Your Password” option and successfully try to enter the code in order to reset their password, they get an error. The error states that “Sorry, the code that you are using couldn’t be found”. This has frustrated many players as they simply get unable to login into their accounts.

Luckily, there are a few things that you can try in order to fix this issue. We will be mentioning them right down below:

  1. Try Putting The Code In A Private Browser

This may sound like a weird fix but players have reported that using a private browser has successfully fixed their issue. Basically, what you have to do is to copy the link and paste it on either a private browser or in incognito mode.

The reason for this is that cookies are sometimes the culprit behind bugging out a site on your browser.

  1. You May Be Resetting Your Password Too Often

Another reason for your account not being able to reset is that you are pressing the reset button too often. Every time you press the reset button, more codes will be sent to you by email. As a result, you may be putting in the wrong code.

What you need to do is to only click the button once. Wait 15-20 minutes before checking your email.

  1. Additional Troubleshooting

Another thing you need to check is that you may be writing invalid characters inside your password. Keep in mind that there are plenty of prohibited characters in a password which also includes a space between characters.

If all else fails, you will need to contact the support team of Fortnite. The support team will reach out to you shortly and help you get to the real cause of the issue.

The Bottom Line

If you are facing a “The code that you are using couldn’t be found” issue in Fortnite, try following the steps mentioned above. Doing so should help you easily resolve the issue for good.

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