What Is The Best Sword In Fortnite?

fortnite best sword
fortnite best sword

There are plenty of different weapon types in Fortnite. Each serves a different way of engaging against enemies. Each weapon falls into a specific category. These are assault rifles, shotgun, swords, and more.

Swords are one of the most unique weapons in Fortnite. It is a type of melee weapon which requires you to strike enemies in close range. There are lots of swords in the game that can be attained through different means. Each sword has a different stat compared to the other. This is why people often wonder which sword is the right pick for them.

Best Sword in Fortnite:

Many players on the internet have been asking what’s the best sword in Fortnite. As we have already mentioned above, swords have different stats and some are more situational compared to the others. This is why it can be pretty hard to choose which sword is the better option.

Today, we will be using this article to tell you all about the best swords that you can use in Fortnite. We will be explaining why these swords are the best in Fortnite. Before we do, let’s first understand how swords really work in Fortnite.

How Swords Are Categorized in Fortnite?

Although each sword will function slightly different than the other, they fall into one of the 3 main categories. These 3 categories are:

  • Faster attacks but lower damager
  • Average speed coupled with moderate damage
  • Slow but very high damaging attacks

Each sword will basically fall into either one of these categories. This is one of the reasons why most players say that it really is up to the player. The best sword will depend on the type of playstyle. However, we can still give you a basic idea about some fan-favorite swords that are regarded as the strongest in the game.

  1. Stabsworth The III

Stabsworth The III is a great sword that also gives you the benefit of affliction. It is a fairly slow sword that gives you high damage numbers along with an affliction that does tick damage for 6 seconds. Also, the sword does more damage to afflicted targets as part of its perk. Overall, it is a great all-rounder sword that should give you a decent DPS as well.

  1. Spectral Blade

Spectral is undoubtedly one of the coolest looking swords in the game. It does a pretty good heavy attack. Also, if you don’t prefer slow attacks, this one should give you a good time as it features moderate fast attacks. It is also possibly the most liked sword in Fortnite. The sword is loved not only for the looks but also for how good it is in the game.


Many people prefer using swords in Fortnite. We have mentioned the 2 best swords in Fortnite that you can use. We have also explained why these swords are considered to be one of the best in the game.

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