4 Steps To Solve Fortnite Stoke A Campfire Not Working

fortnite stoke a campfire not working
fortnite stoke a campfire not working

Even though Fortnite was designed to be a Battle Royale game, it brings in new challenges to the player throughout every season which makes sure that the game remains fresh for the players. These challenges are refreshed every week, though at times you can suddenly run into problems with these. Regarding this, we have heard from users about a specific challenge “Stoke a campfire” not working on their Fortnite’s season 8. In case you are also facing the same issue and want a fix, then here is everything that you should know about this:

Fortnite Stoke A Campfire Not Working

1. Reloading A New Match

There seems to be a certain bug that may cause issues with the challenge not working even if you are near a campfire location. Supposedly, it is quite common to have the challenge not work, as it seems to be a bug that lots of users have faced while completing the challenge.

Luckily, fixing the problem only requires that you reload a new game or match after which you should be able to get the challenge working again. Though if there seems to still be an issue, then it is much better that you try restarting the whole game.

2. Finding the Correct Campfire Locations

Another thing that you will have to make sure of is that you find the correct campfire that are needed in order to complete the challenge. At the start of the quest, you will be taken to the same 3 spots that were in the first original mission. However, you will have a completely different task now.

The 3 different locations that you will need to stoke a campfire in are:

  1. One of them is found in the cottage that is past the mountains towards the east of Catty Corner.
  2. The second campfire is located on an island that should be west of Craggy Cliffs.
  3. The last campfire is found on the south side of Slurpy Swamp, on an isolated island.

In all these 3 sights, you should be able to find a campfire that you will have to light. If you aren’t aware of how you are supposed to light these campfires, you will have to go near the campfire. Once you are right next to it, pressing the prompt button should help stoke the campfire.

3. Having Enough Wood

When you are in the middle of stoking a campfire, it is important that we mention how there is a certain requirement of item that you will need to have before you can fully stoke a campfire. More specifically, you have to make sure that you have at least 30 woods in order to stoke a campfire.

So, in case you were only able to light the campfire and were having a hard time stoking it, then there’s a good chance that you may be out of wood. Try chopping down a few trees in order to get the wood.

4. Reinstalling the Whole Game

Although this shouldn’t happen, there’s a chance that the reason why you are facing this issue is because of an issue with the game itself. For instance, you could be dealing with a missing or corrupted file.

In either case, while you can still attempt to repair the game, a full reinstall should help clear out any such bug. So, just make sure that you fully remove the game from your computer by uninstalling it. After you are done, download and install the latest version of the game.

The Bottom Line:

Fortnite stoke a campfire not working for you? Most of the time, the reason why this issue likely pops up is simply due to the fact that you haven’t loaded a new game. Oftentimes, the match that you are currently playing may bug out for a certain challenge including the one that you are doing right now. Likewise, all that you need to do in such cases is to make sure that you reload a new match.

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