3 Ways To Fix Fortnite Sorry You Are Visiting Our Service Too Frequent

fortnite sorry you are visiting our service too frequent
fortnite sorry you are visiting our service too frequent

Fortnite is a multiplayer video game developed by Epic Games Studios. The game is mainly popular due to its large-scale Battle Royale game mode. Hundred people go against each other as the circle closes in.

You are free to play the game in both solo and squad mode. The rule’s simple, the last one standing wins the match. The game is often regarded as the best Battle Royale game out there, simply due to its unique approach to gameplay. Not only do you have to rely on your aim, but also how fast you can craft and build.

How To Fix Fortnite Error, Sorry You Are Visiting Our Service Too Frequent?

Quite a few players have reported that while trying to log into Epic Store or Fortnite, they get an error. This error prevents their account from logging in. Particularly occurring while playing Fortnite, the error states “Sorry, you are visiting our service too frequent”.

The error can be quite frustrating as you simply get unable to login and play the game. Luckily, there are some things that you can do about it. We will be using this article to explain ways how you can fix this. So, let’s get started!

  1. Try A Different IP/ Different Device

The first thing you can try in order to fix this device is either use a different device or a different IP. By a different IP, we mean to say that try using a different network.

On the other hand, if you are trying to login through a PC, try logging in using a Laptop or any other device instead. This error mainly occurs due to sending plenty of requests to the server in a short time. So, what you need to do in order to fix this is to change either your network or device.

  1. Wait!

As already mentioned above, this error is mainly an issue with the server when you send it too many requests. So, you can wait for some time so that the server refreshes itself.

Basically, the server is denying access to your device. Think of it as your smartphone locking you out after you have made too many false attempts at the password. So, try waiting for 24 hours until the issue resolves itself.

  1. Use a New Account

The last thing you can try is to try a completely new account. You can also ask a friend for his account. In either case, you will need to log in using a different account.

In order to make sure it works, try registering on the Epic website through the browser. If that does not work, try a different browser or an entirely different device.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have mentioned 3 ways on how you can fix the Fortnite error “Sorry, you are visiting our service too frequent”. Make sure you follow all of the steps mentioned above in order to fix this issue successfully.

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