3 Ways To Fix Fortnite No Crosshair?

fortnite no crosshair
fortnite no crosshair

Some competitive shooter games allow users to modify their Crosshair in the game. A good crosshair can make it easier for players to line up their shots. The type of crosshair that you should use depends upon your personal preference. Some players need long and opaque crosshairs to aim while others can work with smaller variants.

Recently some users are having issues with their crosshair in Fortnite. When they join a match, they are unable to see crosshair on their screen. It doesn’t matter which kind of weapon they’re using the crosshair won’t show up. Here are some methods that can help fix the crosshair issue.

How to Fix Fortnite No Crosshair?

  1. Reset Reticle

The no crosshair issue is usually a bug that can be fixed by resetting the reticle from the game settings. If you don’t see any reticle on your screen then open up game options and then switch to the HUD tab and switch the reticle off. Click apply and then switch the reticle back on. Apply the settings again and then exit out of the settings. Now, you should be able to see the reticle on your screen without further issues.

Some players also pointed out that the reticle bug can be fixed when users try to farm materials with the ax or build structures. So, you should also try using these features to see if the reticle comes back on your weapons. Try restarting your game once and if the reticle is still not there then you can go ahead and reset your game settings to default. That should help you get the reticle back in your game.

  1. Reinstall Fortnite

If for some reason you still can’t see the reticle in your game after resetting the game settings then there are chances that your game files are corrupted. In which situation the best solution would be to remove the game from your launcher and then install it again. That should take care of any minor bugs with your game.

Before reinstalling the game, you can also try rebooting the PC and then closing all the background applications from the task manager. Then log into your game again and queue for a match. But if you’re still getting no reticle in the game then you’ll have to reinstall the game to get the reticle issue fixed.

  1. Fortnite Support

If there is no reticle after reinstalling the game then the only thing left to do is to ask the Fortnite support team for help. It is possible that the bug is in the game and you’ll need to wait for an update to fix the issue. To confirm you can access the support channel on the EPIC store and ask for support regarding this issue.

Some gaming monitors also have the option of showing custom reticles in the middle of the screen. Moreover, you can use 3rd party programs that will show you the reticle until you’re able to get the issue fixed. So, in the meanwhile, you can use these solutions to get your crosshair working again.

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