3 Fixes For Fortnite Light Structures On Fire Not Working

fortnite light structures on fire not working
fortnite light structures on fire not working

Fortnite is one of the most famous battle arena games. The primary reason for its mass adoption is the real-time features it provides to its players. Moreover, it has many distinguishing features like:

  1. You can purchase a skin for your player to change its get up,
  2. You can play with your friends who are in different places in this world,
  3. This game enables you to play multiplayer mode with two to three other players.
  4. You can play this game in both online and offline mode.
  5. In online mode, you compete with other players in this world. On the other hand, in the case of offline mode, you complete different kinds of challenges to upgrade your level.
  6. Moreover, a huge Fortnite community allows you to create a server for different kinds of competitions leading to prize money.

Despite so many features, the gamers who play this game face different kinds of issues from time to time. The recent one was that Fortnite light structures on fire not working. If you are also facing this issue you will be able to resolve it by trying out the tips given in this article.

Fortnite Light Structures on Fire Not Working

There can be many reasons that can cause this problem, but over here, we will discuss different kinds of solutions from which one could turn out to be a potential solution.

1. Contact the Customer Care Service

Customer care service determines the quality of a game. If a game company is not providing its gamers with good quality customer support then this shows that they do not value their customers. This could lead to the failure of the game. Such companies will never acquire mass adoption. It is because gamers prefer such games that provide their players with maximum support and a strong community.

Moreover, you should make sure that the game you want to play has quick and responsive customer support. In the case of Fortnite, your priority should be to contact customer support because they can tell you the best solution to solve your issue. Another way can be to ask about your issue in the current groups of Fortnite. It is because the current community of Fortnite is quite active and helpful.

2. Install the Latest Update     

Most of the gaming companies solve the issue in the upcoming updates of that game. They try to solve issues that popped up in the last version and provide users with some updates to solve those issues. If you are also one of those people who faced problems related to light structures then you install the latest version of the game by accepting the recent update notification. This solution will most probably solve your issue. It is recommended by most of the users that you should install the updates from a trusted source. To know which source is trusted you should:

  1. Ask the current Fortnite community about the trusted source,
  2. Check the user reviews of that source,
  3. Ask a friend that plays Fortnite.

3. Install the Game Once Again

It is quite likely that while downloading the game some files of that game might not install on your system. It may be due to:

  1. Compatibility issue, or
  2. The presence of corrupt files in that version of the game.

Another possible issue can be with the current files of that game that are installed on your PC. It is quite likely that some kind of virus has affected your files. If this is the case then you should delete the older version of that game and install a new one. After the installation, you should install an anti-virus from a trusted source to protect your game’s files from being damaged.


We can see that if Fortnite light structures on fire do not work then you can apply many solutions to solve this issue. We have listed some of the most effective ones in the above-mentioned paragraphs. We recommend you solve the issue by following these steps. If none of them works for you then you should contact the customer support staff of ask in different community groups of Fortnite.

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