6 Steps To Resolve SteelSeries Arctis 9x Not Turning Off

steelseries arctis 9x not turning off
steelseries arctis 9x not turning off

Audio is perhaps one of the most important aspects that changes the experience of any activity. It is the deciding factor when it comes to choosing the right match for your gaming session. It is a very difficult decision to make because SteelSeries has made life easier for people by introducing headphones that are not only good for competitive gaming but are also renowned in the music industry. These headphones are revolutionizing the industry with their up-to-date quality and sound followed by exclusive and lush design.

However, like any device, SteelSeries may also have certain problems in the end. One of them explained over here is that the SteelSeries Arctis 9x not turning off. Here is a list of possible solutions.

SteelSeries Arctis 9x Not Turning Off

1. Reset the Headphones

At times, it is a temporary bug that is caused by a faulty startup and ends up ruining our first experience with the headphones. The SteelSeries Arctis 9X not turning off is just one of those issues, might be because of some bug, and can be easily repaired by resetting the system. Some people say they can hear the audio clearly, but the headphone would not turn off nor does the mute light toggle on or off. You can reset it by pressing the Reset button on the inside of the right ear. This might be helpful.

2. Faulty Headphones

It is very much possible that the headphones you are using are broken or not working properly. This might not be resolved by simply clicking on the reset button. In this case, it is recommended that you review the return policy of the place from which you bought them. The best solution for a faulty set of headphones is to get them exchanged than experimenting on them yourself. As that will only make things worse. Return them as soon as you can so that the warranty may be availed. Delaying can result in the expiry of the warranty.

3. Window Issue

Windows 11 came with many bugs, and they were hundreds of them in the Bluetooth connectivity. Those devices that used the Bluetooth connection were infected and made their functioning faulty, causing issues for the people operating their devices. SteelSeries arctis 9x not turning off is probably one of those bugs and can be easily removed by resetting the headset to make it usable once again. Keep in mind that it was not the case with wired connecting headphones.

4. Software Issue

The SteelSeries headphones come with pre-installed software, as is the case with any latest headphones. This software can be easily upgraded with the SteelSeries Engine. Not only that, but in case some bug may affect the functioning of the headphones that can be easily mitigated by adding a solution for them in their newer updates that are provided by the company.

5. Faulty Turn off Button

The overall idea of making gaming headphones is to make a system that is durable and does not easily break down. The process of designing these headphones is difficult and time-consuming. It is because of the quality assurance department. They assure that the power button will not fail even after it is pressed million times. However, sometimes, the button may stop working making it unusable. Therefore, the headphones are left in the state in which the button broke down. Although you are pressing the power off button, the headphones would not respond to this, making it extremely frustrating. One way of finding this out is to see the overall activity. If the headphones do not react then it means that the buttons are not working.

6. Water Damage

Working on your desk for a long time, one might also eat and drink at the same place. It might happen that something might have spilled on your headphones without you realizing it. Therefore, it is requested to keep your headphones in a clean place. At the same time if the headphones are not turning off then you should get them checked out. It is because the chipset might have been affected or damaged due to the water. The overall repair must be carried out using certified individuals instead of local technicians.

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