3 Ways To Fix Fortnite Can’t Remove Backpack

fortnite can’t remove backpack

There are different levels of backpacks that you can get in Fortnite and wearing a backpack allows you to carry items in your inventory with you easily at all times. Different levels of backpacks are made of different materials and each level defines the capacity of that backpack and how much stuff can it easily take. So, you will definitely want to have a backpack with you to extend your carrying capacity.

But there is a catch as well and a backpack would not only hide your back-bling cosmetics but you will also have to deal with the slower moving speed and that is obviously something that you don’t want. For some cases that you would want to take your backpack off and keep it in inventory, you are unable to do that, and here is how you can have this fixed.

How To Fix Fortnite Can’t Remove Backpack?

1. Move it to the inventory

Instead of just taking off the backpack, try moving your backpack to the inventory directly and that will do the trick for you. The backpack only takes one slot in the inventory and can be moved around so that is a pretty good option for you. What you will need to do is open your inventory and drag the backpack from your character to one of the empty slots on your inventory. Just make sure that you have an empty slot before trying this or you know the drill.

So, instead of removing the backpack and then picking it to the inventory, directly moving it to the inventory will work for you and you can move faster and show off all the back-bling cosmetics that you like.

The Bugs

Now, there are also some bugs and there is no solution that has been found yet for these. Two of the most popular bugs that have been reported multiple times would be:

2. The Backpack Gets Removed But Keep On Showing On The Character

The most frequent bug that has been seen on the game is that once you remove a backpack and move it to the inventory, it will be removed and you will gain the right speed that you are seeking but you will not be able to remove it from the character dynamics and it will keep showing on the back of your character. This is not that alarming as long as the game mechanics go, because you will have the moving speed you want and you just have to compromise on having the backpack on your character’s back that is not there.

You can try leaving the game and then join the same server and that will help you get rid of the backpack if you care about character design as well.

3. The Backpack Won’t Get Off

Sometimes, you can have a bug that wouldn’t let you get rid of the backpack no matter what you do. The irony is that this bug has no fix and you cannot do anything about it. Just try joining the game again and it will fix that for you.

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