3 Ways To Fix Fortnite AMD Crashing

fortnite amd crashing
fortnite amd crashing

Fortnite is one of the most popular games of the last decade and the popularity doesn’t cease to stop growing instead, it is increasing with each day. You will get to enjoy the seamless experience with the Fortnite launchers and all the updates that you get as each version gets some great improvements and all the major parts are enhanced.

In addition to graphical and mechanics enhancements and introducing new features, you also get bugs and errors fix with these updates and you are going to love playing Fortnite every day.

How To Fix Fortnite AMD Crashing?

Fortnite on AMD

Now, for some people who are truly enthusiastic about their gaming experience and want the best setup, they would like to have the latest hardware on their PCs. AMD Radeon series is one such GFX option that outruns any other competitor in terms of performance.

But if you are having some issues like it gets crashed or something like that, you should know that AMD GFX is fully compatible with Fortnite and you won’t face any issues if there is not an error on the game or some other thing that can hinder the experience for you. Although, if the game is crashing over your AMD graphics card, here are a few simple things that you can do to have this fixed properly.

1. Lower The Graphics Resolution

You might be using the Graphics at too high a resolution that might not be possible for your version of AMD graphics card to take and as a result, the game will crash after sometime when the load is too much for the card. What you will need to do to have is fixed is, simply open the graphics settings and lower down the resolution. Fortnite has the option to tell you what would be optimal settings to go with your graphics card and it will be shown as recommended in front of the best settings. You need to use the recommended settings or something lower than that to ensure that the game isn’t crashing.

2. Stop Overclocking

Overclocking is the option that you can choose to have increased CPU speed than the optimal settings it has clocked at by default. Fortnite allows you to overclock the CPU for added performance if you want but that can also cause you to have issues like the game crashing if your CPU is unable to take the load.

So, you will need to fix that and turn off the overclocking in the Bios options. Access the BIOS menu and go to the Advanced tab, here you will find the option for performance and Overclocking. You can disable the overclocking here and save the settings. Restart your PC and you will not have to deal with crashing issues again.

3. Update Drivers

You might not have downloaded the right drivers, or there might be an issue on your drivers for your AMD graphics card that might be causing you to have the issue. You will need to update drivers on your graphics card and that will make it work for you and Fortnite will not crash again.

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