5 Best Elements In Fortnite and How They Impact Your Game

fortnite best element
fortnite best element

Elements have a very important role in Fortnite. Having the right element can help you win multiple situations. Currently, there are five different types of Elements in Fortnite. Each have their own different use. These are Fire, Physical, Water, Energy, and Nature.

All of these elements affect both the enemy and your weapon itself. For instance, elements act as a perk on your weapons. There are also elemental enemies in Fortnite. A player will mostly have to determine beforehand which element he wants to bring in to his mission.

Best Element In Fortnite

As we have already mentioned above, Fortnite has multiple elements in the game. We have also mentioned that each one of them have their own use. However, plenty of users wonder about the best element in Fortnite. If you are also someone wondering about which element you want to bring in to your fights, then we have the answer for you.

Using the article, we will be helping you understand the best element in Fortnite. But first, let’s take a step back and see what each element’s basic use is and how they impact your game.

  1. Physical Damage

Physical was introduced in the game in later patches. It basically means that the weapon has no element at all. It was introduced to represent all of the weapons that don’t have any of the four elemental perks. You can also consider physical as pure raw damage.

In actual combat, it works just like any other basic weapon.

  1. Fire Element

The fire element is great against Nature enemies. You will find it useful whenever there is a mission that requires you to go against plenty of Nature enemies. It will basically do double damage on them. Unfortunately, it is very weak against water as it will do barely half the damage. You will find it particularly useful in later parts of the game.

  1. Water Element

This is the direct counter to the fire element. As you may have guessed, it helps you deal double damage against fire enemies. However, it is weak to Nature and will do only half the damage to them. One other thing to note is that it also deals double damage to structures made of stone.

  1. Nature Element

Nature element is very helpful against water enemies. Apart from dealing full damage to water enemies, they also deal double damage to metal structures. But as already written above, they are very weak to fire and will do half damage to them.

  1. Energy

The energy element is basically a middle ground between all elemental types. It will deal 75% damage to every elemental enemy. This means that it is incredibly useful against elemental enemies when you don’t have a direct counter for them.

But What’s the Best Element in Fortnite?

As you can clearly see, almost all elements have their weak and strong points. This is due to the game trying to balance each element to ensure one isn’t better than the other. There really isn’t a straight answer for the best element in the game. You have two options. Either run multiple elements i.e. fire, water, nature. The other option is to simply ignore element and use physical or energy. This will do less DPS but will be more reliable.

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