Afflicted Targets In Fortnite (Explained)

fortnite afflicted targets
fortnite afflicted targets

Fortnite is a 3rd person shooter game that features both single-player and multiplayer mode. However, the game is most popular due to its Battle Royale mode which is completely multiplayer. In case you have been living under a cave, dozens of players go against each other on a huge map.

The map shortens as time passes due to a ring that eliminates any player that is outside of it. This ring will get shorter as the match goes on. Whoever is the last player alive, wins the whole match.

Afflicted Targets in Fortnite

In Fortnite, weapons have a roll. These rolls are like perks that boost certain aspects of a gun. The higher rarity of the weapon, the better perks it will have. Although there are plenty of rolls in Fortnite, we will be talking mostly about affliction and about afflicted targets using this article.

Before we get started, let’s first understand what affliction really is in the game.

What Is Affliction?

Affliction is kind of a perk that allows enemies to take damage over time. Just like in many other games, when you poison an enemy, they take damage over time. However, the damage depends on the perk itself. This is why it isn’t necessary that it will take away all of the opponent’s HP.

Most usually, affliction lasts around 6 seconds in the game. It will apply tick damage to the enemy. Basically, it is used for getting extra DPS. The damage numbers aren’t really significant, but they can help give you an edge in a gunfight.

How To Tell If Your Weapon Has Affliction?

One thing to note is that elemental is not necessarily affliction. This means that a weapon will only have affliction if it says affliction or something that will damage them over time.

The best way to test if a weapon has an affliction is to put it in practical use. In order to properly test it, find a target. Shoot the target once. If the target continues taking damage over time, then that is because your weapon has an affliction.

Damage To Afflicted Targets Roll

There is a unique weapon roll in Fortnite labeled as “+Damage to afflicted targets”. The roll has a very specific use. It does exactly what it says, i.e. give you extra damage over afflicted targets. The problem is that these rolls only work like they are supposed to when you pair them with a weapon that also has a cause affliction perk.

One last thing to note is that a weapon doing elemental won’t really activate this roll. We have already mentioned above that elemental and affliction aren’t the same thing.

The Bottom Line

Here is everything you should know about afflicted targets in Fortnite, and what really is an affliction. We have attached all the necessary information in this article.

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