4 Ways To Deal With Discord Webhook Not Working

discord webhook not working
discord webhook not working

When managing a server in Discord, webhooks are a great way of sending messages to a particular channel. Unlike automated messages that require a bot, you don’t need any kind of authentication when using webhooks. These webhooks can be created according to use through simple commands. However, certain users have reported facing difficulties with it. According to them, the webhook is not working on their Discord. While this can happen due to a couple of reasons, we will be focusing on giving all the possible solutions to the problem. So, let’s not waste any more time and get right into it!

Discord Webhook Not Working

1. Adding Content-Type

Recently, Discord has made a few changes to their API, due to which plenty of users is unable to use the webhooks. The new changes require the user to add a contentType whenever they are dealing with JSON.

To have your webhook working again, all you have to do is to add a header. Wherever you are sending a JSON file, you will have to add a contentType: “—/JSON” which should be able to resolve the problem.

2. Webhook Might Be Broken

Another reason for the webhook not working could be because of a broken URL link. You might have written the wrong set of commands or text while typing the webhook. In either case, we recommend that you double-check the webhook.

Ideally, we recommend completely deleting the webhook and recreating a new one with the right set of URLs and commands.

3. Turning HTTP Requests On/Off

One thing that can potentially end up in resolving your issue is to try and enable an HTTP request. If that does not seem to do anything, then we suggest turning them off. Try using the webhook with both the setting turned on and off. If either one does work for you, then you should keep it that way.

4. Sending Too Many Requests

A thing to avoid when using webhooks is to send in too many HTTP requests. Not only will this make your webhook not work at all, but this might also get your Discord account banned for rapidly sending requests.

So, you should check your webhook, especially if you are using it for any high traffic activity such as chatlog or error debugging. For instance, the use of while wait (1) may also send too many requests at once, causing your webhook to not work.

The Bottom Line:

Annoyed with your Discord webhook not working? Most of the time, the reason why you may notice your webhook suddenly stops working could be because of some error inside the webhook. This is why it is always recommended to double-check the webhook and watch out for any kind of issues.

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