4 Approaches To Solve Discord Reactions Not Working

discord reactions not working
discord reactions not working

Through Discord, users have the option of reacting to a particular text message with emotes. These reactions emote can be used in both a private message or server text channel to show how users react to a specific piece of the message. Though recently, we have been receiving complaints from users about their reactions not working on Discord. While this can happen due to several reasons, we will be discussing all the possible solutions on how this can be fixed. So, let’s not waste any time further, and get right into troubleshooting!

Discord Reactions Not Working

1. Ensure Reactions Are Enabled

One of the first reasons why you could be having your reactions might not be working could be because you might not have enabled them through your settings. If that is the case, then you will simply have to access your Discord settings.

Under the settings window, locate Text & Images tab. Here, you should be able to see an option asking whether you want to show emoji reactions to messages. All you have to do is to make sure that this feature is enabled.

2. Required Permission

Certain Discord servers offer their own set of reactions. Similarly, these reactions can only be used by users who have the given role. Apart from them, only the admins of the server have access to such reactions.

It could be that you are trying to use reaction emotes that you don’t have permission to. Unfortunately, there isn’t any way of using such emotes unless you have the role for them. To get these roles, you will have to take this up to the admin of that particular server.

3. Refreshing Discord

There’s a good chance that your reactions might as well be working, but the Discord window might not be refreshing itself. If that is so, then the only thing that you will need to do is to refresh the Discord window.

You can do this by simply pressing CTRL + R on your keyboard while being sure that you are on the Discord window.

4. Changing Your Device

Using a device that does not fully support Discord could be another reason why you might be facing this particular issue. This is why we recommend that you make sure to use a device that fully supports Discord.

To confirm whether this is the case, simply change the device and try reacting on that device to see if it works.

The Bottom Line:

Are reactions not working on your Discord? You might likely have the option to see reaction emotes disabled in settings. This can be resolved by simply going to your Discord settings and checking the show reaction emotes option. Besides this, ensure that you have permission to use the reaction emote that you are trying to use.

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