7 Steps For Fixing Discord Not Working On Wifi

discord not working on wifi
discord not working on wifi

We have all been there when facing a connection issue over Wifi with one app or another. Imagine you are using Discord connected with your Wifi and it suddenly stops working or responding. You check your other connected apps but they are working fine. Discord is an amazing social platform that helps you stay connected with your groups and friends.

Whether you are following what is trending or just there for the memes, Discord has a knack for all types of social interactions and like other social platforms you might be hooked to it and you would definitely get annoyed if it stops working over your Wifi. What can you do to fix Discord not working over the Wifi? Let’s explore some options starting from the easiest to the more technical fix for a solution.

Discord Not Working On Wifi Fix

  1. One thing you could start with is checking the status of Discord and its services. A lot of time the app is being updated and during this time some of the functions are nonresponsive and problems with connectivity can occur. You can easily check the status of Discord by going to “DiscordStatus.com”.
  2. This is an age-old trick where turning your Wifi Off and On again solved the problem. In this case, you can do this and also restart your app again when the Wifi turns back on. You might have to wait a couple of seconds before restarting the app back again.
  3. One of the tricks that worked for me was to uninstall the app and try installing it again. Sometimes there is an update for the app that helps you get over the bug fixes for connectivity over the Wifi.
  4. Another fix could be to try checking the status of your system. A system update can sometimes be the solution for fixing internet connectivity issues. Check if all your systems are properly updated and you have the latest version running on your system.
  5. If you are using a Proxy Server or VPN, reconfiguring it could get your Wifi working for Discord. You just have to go to your setting on your system and select Configure Proxy Setting through your HTTP proxy menu and if you’re using a mobile device then go to your settings under Networks > Advance > Proxies. If you are connected using a VPN then temporarily turning it off and off again could do the trick.
  6. Sometimes changing your DNS server also gets it connected to the Wifi. Select your server setting and change your DNS Server to and the alternate DNS server to Caution – If this does not work then remember to change it back to its default setting.
  7. Lastly, if you have tried everything and all else fails, you might need to consider accessing your Discord through its website over a browser. In case Discord does not work over the browser as well then most probably the problem is with Discord itself and all you can do is to wait for it to get connected on its own.

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