3 Ways To Fix Discord Not Detecting and Not Working with Tetris

discord not detecting and not working with tetris
discord not detecting and not working with tetris

Tetris is one of the bestselling video game franchises of all time. It was one of the first video games to become huge on a competitive scale. Even today there are professional tournaments held for it where players from all over the world come to compete. Once you get the hang of it, Tetris is just simply really fun. There are hundreds of official Tetris games, and the newer ones also feature a well-awaited multiplayer mode which allows you to compete with friends.

How to Fix Discord Not Detecting and Not Working with Tetris?

Try any of these Tetris games with a friend while being on a Discord call with them and you’re bound to have lots of fun, but the only problem is that sometimes Discord doesn’t work properly with Tetris multiplayer. Here’s what you can try if you’re also unable to get Discord to recognize and work with Tetris.

  1. Make Sure You Aren’t Playing on a Browser

As mentioned, there have been hundreds of official different Tetris releases, and some of these releases were specifically meant for browsers. This includes a few of the multiplayer Tetris games. If you’re trying to play Tetris multiplayer through a browser, Discord will almost definitely not recognize it. This obviously means that Discord won’t work with it either, meaning that you won’t be able to enjoy voice chatting with whomever you’re playing Tetris.

The only logical solution is to download a desktop version of any multiplayer Tetris game and play that with your friend(s) instead. This way, Discord will almost definitely be able to recognize it and should probably work with it as well, meaning you can talk as much as you like with whoever you want while playing Tetris with them. If you’re not playing the game on a browser and have a desktop version instead, here are a couple of different solutions to try out.

  1. Make Sure Overlays Are Enabled

In lots of cases, it turns out that the Discord settings were the ones that caused the issue and prevented the application from working with Tetris. This could be another one of said cases, so it is recommended that you immediately go to the settings and check whether or not you’ve got the Discord game overlays enabled. If these aren’t running and enabled, Discord will obviously have some problems working with Tetris.

  1. Enable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration is behind the problem most of the time when it comes to Discord not working with some games, Tetris included. It is recommended that you go to Discord’s user settings straight away and turn Hardware Acceleration. This feature won’t have any huge negative effects on Discord. It is mainly only used to improve the performance of Discord during specific situations and tasks. You can turn it off while playing Tetris and then enable it again once you’re done. Doing so should be more than enough for Discord to work with Tetris again.

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