4 Ways To Fix Fix Discord Backup Codes Not Working

discord backup codes not working
discord backup codes not working

Discord has a means for users to get all of their data back in the unfortunate scenario that they lose or damage their device and have to switch to a new device. Even if you just need to switch to a new device for other reasons and want all your data to transfer with you, you’ll be able to do it thanks to the Discord backup codes.

These backup codes can be accessed through the settings of the Discord settings, but sometimes they don’t work even if you’re using the right codes. If this is currently happening to you, there’s absolutely no need to be alarmed as it is a rather common issue. Here’s what you can do to clear the problem.

How to Fix Discord Backup Codes Not Working?

  1. Remove 2FA

If this issue is occurring while you’re trying to perform a backup through the Discord desktop app, then there’s a rather simple solution that tends to work for a majority of people. This solution only requires you to remove the 2FA process from the desktop app through the settings and then add it back. The process is simple and trying this should be enough to fix the issue. Add 2FA again and then try to use the backup codes that you got from Discord. You should be able to perform the backup and get all the data that you want back.

  1. Menu Screen

A lot of people think that their code isn’t working even though they haven’t tried all the options yet. Lots of Discord users get an 8-digit backup code that doesn’t fit. This code doesn’t fit because the 2FA menu only gives users the option to add a 6-digit code.

If you also have an 8-digit code, then solving the issue is about to get a whole lot easier for you. In the 2FA menu, you’ll find 3 dots arranged together in order to symbolize another menu. Click on these 3 dots and you’ll be redirected to another similar menu that will allow you to enter the 8-digit code instead. Enter your backup code and now it should work properly.

  1. Try Another Platform

If the code isn’t working on the desktop app, it is recommended that you give it a try on the mobile app to check if it works on that, and vice versa. It is also recommended that you check if it works with the Discord webpage as well. Sometimes codes for the desktop app are different than the ones for the mobile app, and you’ll have to try both of the backup codes that you have on every platform and check which of them works. Doing so should surely get your codes to work and you should also be able to retrieve your data

  1. Contact Support

If all else fails, it is recommended that you contact Discord support. They’ll be able to tell you why your Discord backs up codes aren’t working, even when they’re provided by the application itself. They should be able to provide you a solution to your specific issue as well.

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