6 Steps For Solving Discord Airpods Not Working

discord airpods not working
discord airpods not working

If you are working on Discord, you might have noticed that all of your friends nowadays are using Bluetooth Headphones and you do the same by going to the store and buying a pair of Airpods to go with your Discord. But typically, your Airpods have become an integral part of your everyday tasks. It’s even more convenient when you’re gaming to have your Airpods on at all times. Less often than not you might end up with no sounds over your Airpods when you’re on Discord. This could be because of a few reasons and we will dig into how you can troubleshoot this problem and figure out a solution.

Discord Airpods Not Working

In this breakdown, we will go from the easiest fix to the most technical solution for this problem.

1. Reblogging Back into Discord. 

One of the very first things you can try out is logging out of Discord and logging back again. Sometimes there is a technical glitch in the program and doing this will most often than not fix this issue on the very first try. Make sure that when you are logged out remember to also close the tab and open it back up again. You can also go about this a couple of times until you get this right.

2. Administrator Access on Discord. 

If the above-mentioned trick did not work then you might have to move to a more technical fix. For this, you need to try running your Discord as an Administrator. You can do this by going to Discord > Settings > Properties > Compatibility Tab > Administrator and then click OK. By doing this you are giving Discord the permission to access and transmit your voice over the internet.

3. Set Airpods as Default Communication Device. 

One of the ways you can make sure that your Airpods are compatible with any device you’re using them on is by making sure that your AirPods are set as your Default Communication Device in your sound settings.

4. Select the right Input/Output Device on your Discord.

A lot of the time the trouble is within Discord and in this case, the wrong output/input device might be selected in your Discord settings. For this you would have to go to Discord Settings > Input Device and Output Device and Select Airpods as your both. This will make sure that the primary audio selected and transmission is your Airpods and not any other device.

5. Enable Legacy Mode on Discord.

If the solution mentioned before also did not work then the problem could be with your Audio Settings in Discord. Discord has an updating track of Audio Subsystems that might not be compatible with your Airpods. You can easily change that by going to Settings > Voice and Video > Audio Subsystems and selecting Legacy as your default subsystem.

6. Resetting your voice setting on Discord. 

Even if your Airpods are still not connected then rest assured you can try again by resetting your voice settings. You just have to go to Settings > Voice and Video > (Left Side) Reset Voice and Video. By doing this you will be refreshing the audio and video settings for your Airpods to successfully connect.

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