6 Ways To Deal With Discord AFK Channel Not Working

discord afk channel not working
discord afk channel not working

It has happened to all of us where you stepped away from Discord when you’re playing games or making assignments. If you see that your teammates are talking to you and you don’t seem to be answering then most likely they are away from their systems. Discord allows its users to create AFK channels for people that are away for some time so whatever you have going on does not get disrupted. AFK stands for (Away From Keyboard). Servers Admin usually make AFK channels to make sure that they know how many users are active. Make sure that your channel is not inactive without any administrative delay or cause. This is also useful when recognizing inactive members so you don’t accidentally get kicked out. And lastly, you can move users to these AFK channels to avoid being interrupted.

Discord AFK Channel Not Working

When you are actively using your channels and you are unable to put people into the AFK channels then this could be a problem. Here are a few ways you can make sure that this does not happen.

  1. Sometimes it happens that you are away and you return to the system but you haven’t been put into the AFK channel then this could be because of a few things. One of those is if your mic/headphones are not muted then Discord picks up hints of sounds and assumes that you are still active. In situations like these, the users need to make sure that if they are away then they need to put their mic/headphones on mute so the server does not pick up any ambient background noises.
  2. Another feature that prohibits users from being sent to the AFK channel is if you’re using Discord using your web browser. The AFK channel is only accessible if the user is using Discord from a systems app or a mobile app.
  3. Another problem may arise when you are using a wired controller over your Bluetooth controller. This happens in a lot of cases when the system for wired controllers picks up activity from the controller and assumes that the user is still active.
  4. Another reason could be the AFK Timeout session. In many cases, the Timeout session is enabled for a shorter time and does not voluntarily remove users that are inactive for a longer period. This could be fixed by changing the AFK Timeout session time to a more realistic time interval.
  5. One other problem that server owners faced is when users were not being put to the AFK channel despite being on mute and having their controller disabled, they would only be moved if they put the Windows on Lock. This is one of the limitations of the AFK programming as it only allows the timer to start if your Windows is locked.
  6. You can also go about my checking if you exempted some people from being inactive in the group and this in turn does not allow for them to be moved to the AFK channel. This is an easy fix where you can go to the AFK channel setting and remove all the exempted users.

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