4 Methods To Solve Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO SE Firmware Update Not Working

corsair dark core rgb pro se firmware update not working
corsair dark core rgb pro se firmware update not working

Every once in a while, companies like to roll out firmware updates for their headset which are oriented towards improving certain aspects of your device. But there can be times when you will have your firmware update not being able to complete.

That being said, if you own a Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO SE, there’s a chance that your firmware update is not working. To fix such an issue, here are all the different ways through which you can successfully troubleshoot the problem for good:

Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO SE Firmware Update Not Working Fix

1. Ensure Mouse Is Connected

A mistake that users often make whenever they are attempting to update their Corsair Dark Core is not keeping their device connected. In order for the mouse to update its firmware, you have to make sure that you keep the mouse connected to your PC.

Even though the mouse is completely wireless, you must ensure that you have the mouse connected through a cable using a USB cord. Apart from this, also keep the dongle attached to your PC.

2. Not Using Any Hubs

Another thing that you have to make sure is not to use any kind of hubs when you attempt to update the firmware. Instead, you will have to directly connect the mouse to your PC without any other device being connected on the way.

3. Trying a Different USB Port

Most of the time, such issues can also pop up if you are using an incompatible or faulty USB port. For your mouse to completely be able to connect to your PC, you have to use a USB port 2.0. Just in case, we recommend that you try using every single USB port that you find available on the PC.

4. Contacting Support

If you still hadn’t had any luck in resolving the problem so far, then the only other thing that you can do for getting your issue fixed is to contact the support team. After they have had a good look at your case, they should be able to advise solutions that you can follow for further troubleshooting the process. Also, be sure to act as cooperative as you possibly can and answer any queries that they might have along the way.

The Bottom Line:

Facing issues as your Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE firmware update not working? Above, you should be able to follow all the instructions that you will need in order to effectively get rid of the problem. So, if you are sick with experiencing these problems, then we highly recommend that you keep on reading the article.

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