5 Ways To Fix Razer Cortex Account Locked

If you’re constantly running into performance issues then we recommend that you install Razer Cortex onto your computer system. It will optimize your system settings to free up a lot of your RAM storage. This will ensure that more resources are available for your games, which means better FPS, less stutter, and minimal lag spikes. … Read more

5 Ways To Fix Can’t Login To Razer Synapse

Configuration tools like Razer Synapse can make it easier for users to manage all of their Razer devices from one place. You can program different buttons, tweak different settings to get your peripherals to match your playstyle. So, If you’re using any Razer equipment it is recommended that you install Synapse immediately to improve performance. … Read more

3 Ways To Fix rzsynapse.exe Entry Not Found

Razer devices are known for their high quality and premium designs. If you’re looking to buy a headset, mouse, or keyboard then you should try Razer. Razer products ensure that your gaming experience becomes more immersive. Especially with the new Razer Surround tool that can help you gain a positional advantage over other players. However, … Read more