Minecraft MSI vs EXE- Better Way To Install?

Minecraft is a sandbox game that was developed by Mojang. While originally the game was released back in 2009, it is still being enjoyed by people all around the world. There are many different game modes that you can play in it. These include public servers where you can play with other players as well … Read more

Aether vs Aether 2- Which One Is Better?

Minecraft is a really popular game that was developed by the famous company Mojang. Even though the release date for this was back in 2011, players from all around the world still enjoy playing it. This is because the world of Minecraft offers its users lots of features and fun things that they can do. … Read more

Mystcraft vs RFTools Minecraft- Which One Do You Prefer?

Mods are a really popular way of adding newer things to your game. There are tons of things that a player can do through installing mods in his game. For instance, he can change different aspects of the game or add in newer and exciting elements to the game. Mystcraft vs RFTools We have seen … Read more

Silk Touch vs Fortune Minecraft- Which Enchantment?

In Minecraft, you can get access to different enchantments that will all add extra benefits to a weapon or a tool. These enchantments are basically used to give the weapon or tool an extra ability which then helps the player in being able to survive more easily. Silk Touch vs Fortune Minecraft Silk Touch and … Read more

3 Best Not Enough Items Alternative That You Can Use

Mods are one of the most popular things that players like to install in Minecraft. Through these modes, the players get to change different aspects of the game or improve certain gameplay mechanics. Currently, there are thousands of different mods that can be downloaded and installed on Minecraft, each having a different purpose and use. … Read more

Blutonium vs Yellorium Minecraft – Which One?

The big reactor mod uses multiple blocks to power up a whole system. This mod can be quite fun and you can download it using feed the beast mod packs. It is quite easy to install and introduces so many custom items into your game. You can build new structures and power them up with … Read more

How To Show Light Levels In Minecraft?

There are different stats you can look up in Minecraft to improve your gameplay. This includes looking up coordinates to find the best level to look for diamonds or other ores. You can use commands in the game chat to enable coordinates. After you input the command, the coordinates should start showing up on the … Read more

How To Get Fortune 3 In Minecraft?

Enchantments make it a lot easier for players to progress in the game. But it is quite difficult to get good enchantment and all you can do is hope you’re lucky enough to land upon good enchantments. Enchanting your armor and weapons can make your character overpowered, this ensures that you have maximum chances of … Read more

How To Join LAN In Minecraft? (Explained)

Setting up a LAN server enables you to play with your closest friend using a local network. The latency issues are quite minimal. The majority of LAN servers are private and you’re not able to join unless the creator uses port forwarding features. It is a fun way to build a world together with your … Read more

FTB vs Technic In Minecraft: What’s The Difference?

One of the main reasons why players are still interested in the game is mod packs. They can transform your gaming experience and you’ll have so much more fun using them. They enhance the visuals, optimize your game, add unique features and so many other things. This enables the players to take their creativity to … Read more

Redstone Lamp vs Glowstone In Minecraft: What’s The Difference?

Being out in the dark can be quite dangerous in the world of Minecraft. There are different monsters roaming around which can spawn in any dark area around you. This is why it is recommended that players keep their home bases well lit. This ensures that no creepers spawn inside your home and destroy everything. … Read more

Comparing The Difference Between Obsidian vs Diamond In Minecraft

The best thing about Minecraft is the variety of blocks you can find in-game. Of course, every player is looking to get the rarest materials to craft their armor with. Most commonly players are just happy with diamond armor and don’t bother looking for obsidian or anything else that is more powerful. It can be … Read more