How To Install Seus Shaders For Minecraft?

Seus shaders are something most Minecraft players on PC will be familiar with, especially all of those that are into modding and shading. These shaders are some of the best of the best, as they offer highly realistic textures and effects which make Minecraft look amazingly beautiful. Otherwise referred to as Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders, … Read more

Minecraft Cats vs Dogs- The Better Pet?

Apart from all the enemies in Minecraft, players can also find different animals wandering around the world in Minecraft. All of these animals can be tamed through different means. All of them have a requirement which when fulfilled will make them follow you. Minecraft Cats vs Dogs In Minecraft, cats and dogs are two really … Read more

Minecraft Punch vs Power- The Better Option For Enchant?

Just like plenty of other mechanics present in the game, enchant is also an important element inside Minecraft. Using enchants, players are allowed to add in new abilities in the items that they are using. But before a player can successfully enchant, he must first use an enchantment table. Minecraft Punch vs Power Punch and … Read more

Minecraft Protection vs Blast Protection- Better Enchantment?

Enchantments are an important element of Minecraft as they allow the player to be able to improve certain aspects of their equipment. They may also be used to give the item a brand-new ability which they can then use. An enchantment table is required before the player can apply enchants. Protection vs Blast Protection Protection … Read more

Pulverizer vs Macerator- Which One’s Better?

In the history of video gaming, Minecraft is still considered the top-selling game of all time with over 200 million copies sold. Through its amazing idea of survival, the game has made many players addicted and fall in love with the game. It takes survival, crafting, and exploration to a whole new level. Pulverizer vs … Read more

Global Port Range vs Base Host Port Minecraft

If you’ve ever played Minecraft multiplayer with others before or if you’ve ever tried to at least once, there’s little doubt you’ve heard of both the global port range as well as the base host port. Both of these are necessary fields for creating servers and playing with other players from all around the world. … Read more

Minecraft Alien vs Predator Map- Best Map?

One of the most popular rivalries in entertainment is that of the Xenomorph, the main threat in the Alien franchise, and the titular Predator. Both are extra-terrestrial beings with their own unique strengths and some great movies, games, and comics to their names. Their rivalry itself was created by fans, but it became so popular … Read more

Minehut vs Aternos – Which One?

Minecraft is a great game to play on your own thanks to the freedom it provides to players. However, it is arguably even better when you’re playing it with friends and other people. Players have the option to create their own servers in the game to play with friends and/or other random players. There are … Read more

Nether vs Overworld Distance In Minecraft

There are exactly two very important places in all of Minecraft where players will be spending almost all of their time playing the game. These two places are known as both the Nether and the Overworld. There’s a lot of comparisons between the two as they’re the two main areas in Minecraft. The main comparison … Read more

Smoker vs Furnace In Minecraft: What’s The Difference?

Minecraft has many different features and mechanics available for players to say the very least. As most know, just about anything can be built in the game. But to build these things, players have to do a number of different things to get the things they need in order to start building. While some items … Read more