All About Archeage Unchained Discord Server

archeage unchained discord
archeage unchained discord

Discord is a very popular application available on both PC and most smartphone devices. It was released only a few years ago in 2015, but it is arguably one of the most popular applications available on both PC and smartphones as of right now. Discord has many different functions and it is great for a number of different things. But by far the best thing that the application is capable of is to learn more about your interests based on your activity and then recommend to you some servers which are filled with people that share the same interests as you.

There are hundreds of unofficial servers for all sorts of different things, and there are even some official ones. For example, there are quite a few different Discord servers that are run by actual developers of video games, officials of events, and much more of the sort. There is even a large fan-run server for Archeage Unchained on Discord.

What is Archeage Unchained?

Archeage Unchained is a part of the Archeage series of MMORPG games and is arguably a huge improvement on its original predecessor. This is mainly because of one simple fact. While the original Archeage was ruined by microtransactions which inarguably made it a pay to win the game, Archeage Unchained makes sure that this can never be a problem. The extremely popular MMORPG makes it so that players can only purchase cosmetic items that have no effect on a player’s performance, meaning that Archeage Unchained doesn’t pay to win at all. Even the battle pass in the game only features cosmetic items that have no positive effects on a player’s gameplay.

Archeage Unchained has become much more popular than Archeage because of this very reason. Both are different games but very similar at the same time. But you probably already know all of this if you’ve played Archeage or Archeage Unchained for even the smallest amount of time. There is quite a large player base for the game, and there’s even a Discord server as well filled with many players from across the world that play the game such as yourself. Here is everything you need to know about this server if you’re interested in joining.

What You Need to Know About the Archeage Unchained Discord Server

The first thing that you need to know about the Archeage Unchained Discord server is obviously how to join it. You can’t just randomly find an entry ticket into the server and will be needing an invite which will allow you to join and become a member. The only problem with all of this is that finding the link isn’t the easiest thing in the world unless you know a person that’s already a part of the server. However, there’s only one other option left if that isn’t an option for you.

This option is to ask for the invite link on social media, particularly somewhere that is heavily focused on Archeage Unchained. The Archeage subreddit is a great option that comes to mind. You can simply join that and make a post asking for the link and someone should be able to send you a new link which you can use to join. If you don’t have Reddit, looking for Archeage Unchained related pages on Twitter, Instagram, etc., and asking for the link there is also an option.

Once you’ve finally found your way inside the server, you’ll be able to talk with many other players that play Archeage Unchained. This is a great means of finding friends to enjoy the game with. You can also use the server to discuss all sorts of different things with other players and even debate about all sorts of stuff related to the popular MMORPG. You can also learn about any potential new events or offers related to the game that you might not have known about. In short, it is a great place for any Archeage Unchained player to be. There are so many players in the game to meet and it is very useful in general as there are lots of experienced players that can even give you great tips.

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