Why Are My Discord Messages Red? (5 Possibilities)

why are my discord messages red
why are my discord messages red

While Discord maintains the top spot when it comes to community and gaming communications, you will still see a lot of complaints regarding the Discord servers. Many gamers struggle with communication during competitive matches because of server issues, and the forums are loaded with issues with red messages on Discord. The red messages on Discord imply that the text wasn’t sent to the server, and there are some issues with the connection. These messages can’t be seen by any of the members on your server or the other person in a private conversation. Luckily, there are a few things you can do about Discord Messages appearing red.

Why Are My Discord Messages Red?

1. Turn Off VPN

It is common for users to use a VPN program to keep their network connection secure. However, sometimes these networks can have an impact on the connection of your Discord app with the servers. So, you will often notice that the messages will start appearing red as soon as you turn on the VPN.

This is more common for cheaper or free VPNs on the internet. So, if you’re in a similar situation, either turn off the VPN or switch to a better VPN like Nord. That should eliminate the problem with red messages on Discord.

2. Change Internet Connection

The internet connection and the current proxy settings on the router can also have an impact on Discord messages appearing red. Sometimes the network operators block out access to these communication services, so you can isolate this issue by connecting to a different network.

Connecting to the mobile hotspot should yield better results with this Discord messages problem. If the issue is fixed after changing the network, then now might be time to contact your network operator regarding this issue.

3. Remove Antivirus

The web protection features on Antiviruses also play a role in red Discord messages. So, if you’re sure that the above two situations don’t apply to you, then you should check for antiviruses on your PC next.

You can either disable the antivirus completely or remove the web protection features from your program, and that should fix the Discord messages issue. So, just check the configurations on the antivirus program installed on your computer.

4. Switch To A Different Region

Users have also pointed out that switching to a different server region can help with the server connection. So, if you’ve tried out all the methods mentioned above and there is still no success, then switch to a different region. You will need admin access to change the server region, but that will most likely fix the issue with the Discord messages on your PC app.

5. Restart PC

While restarting the PC seems like a completely basic solution, many users were able to fix the connection problems by following this method. So, there is no harm in restarting the PC completely to remove any bugs in the application. Hopefully, when you log into your account again, it won’t run into the same connection issues. Make sure also to check the Discord server status to avoid further complications.

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