“Unknown Error Maybe Try Again” Fortnite Creative (4 Fixes)

unknown error maybe try again fortnite creative
unknown error maybe try again Fortnite creative

Hundreds of thousands of users play Fortnite regularly, and it’s easily one of the most famous games around. While the game is pretty fun and original in various ways, there are lots of complaints that people have regarding it too. For example, players have often complained about facing certain issues when trying to play. One of the less common problems with Fortnite is the “Unknown Error Maybe Try Again” error message in creative mode. While it isn’t frequently encountered, the few players that do face it always struggle to get past it. So, let’s cover some tips to help with it.

Unknown Error Maybe Try Again In Fortnite Creative

1. Reset Your Connection

The most common fix for this that’s helped many users is a simple reset of their internet connection. If you encounter this error message, simply go to your router and turn it off. Once half a minute has passed by, restart the device and go back to the game.

Quit Fortnite and restart it again. Now go into creative mode and try to do what you were doing before the error message. It shouldn’t reappear this time around and you’ll be able to get into the game without any further issues.

2. Restart the PC

If restarting the game alone didn’t work, you could try something a little more drastic this time around. By that, we mean turning off your PC after resetting the router. Turn it back on after a brief pause and wait for the system to fully load before launching Fortnite again.

Get into creative mode and try to play a game. The error message shouldn’t pop up after doing this. But, if it still does, that means there’s something serious causing the problem. In that case, move on to the two remaining fixes.

3. Server Issues

It could be that you’re encountering this error because of the problem on the developer’s end. If that’s the case, the only “solution” is to wait it out. You can’t run maintenance on the servers yourself, so you’ll just have to wait for them to do it.

To confirm whether or not this is the case, consider going online. Interact with members of the Fortnite community and find out if they’re running into the same error message with creative mode at the same time. If there are many other reports on the same thing recently, it’s pretty much confirmed that the problem is on the developer’s end.

4. Contact Support

If other players aren’t facing the issue currently and restarting devices didn’t work for you, your only bet is to contact Epic’s support team. Complain to them about the issue and give them the details that they ask for. Once you do so, they should be able to highlight the exact cause and give you a solution for it. It’s the only viable option left as it could be that there’s a very specific problem with your PC causing the error message to pop up.

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