Turtle Beach Recon 200 Mic Not Working Xbox One? Try These 4 Fixes

turtle beach recon 200 mic not working xbox one
turtle beach recon 200 mic not working xbox one

Turtle Beach is one of the brands that offer headsets that are fully compatible with console devices. However, if you own the Turtle Beach Recon 200, there’s a chance that you might have run into a mic problem with your console.

Recently, there have been plenty of queries regarding users who have mentioned how their Turtle Beach Recon 200 mic is not working with the Xbox One. This is why today; we will be sharing all the possible solutions that you can try in order to get your problem fixed:

Turtle Beach Recon 200 Mic Not Working with Xbox One

1. Switching to Xbox Mode

The first thing that you will have to make sure of is that you have switched to the Xbox mode when using your headset. As there are two different console modes that the device comes with, you could have the headset switched to PS mode instead.

But if that is the case, then you will simply have to power on your headset and turn the switch to Xbox mode after which it should start working just fine.

2. Unmute Your Mic

We also recommend checking whether you have properly unmuted the mic or not. Ensure that you have flipped the mic all the way forward as you should also hear a tone once the mic is unmuted.

Apart from that, you should also use the lower volume dial found on your headset through which you should be able to increase the volume of your mic monitor.

3. Testing the Headset On Another Device

A quick way you can test out the microphone of your headset is by simply connecting to any other device that is currently available. It could be that you have a faulty mic. Though before you are sure of anything, we suggest connecting the headset to your smartphone or PC.

Try testing the mic and see if you get any input. If you do, then your mic should be completely fine. However, if you are still experiencing the issue even after making the change, then there’s a chance that you are dealing with a faulty mic.

4. Getting It Checked

If you still haven’t been able to get your headset issue fixed, then you should try getting it checked by any local repair shop. In case of a hardware fault, you might have to get the headset replaced with a newer one.

The Bottom Line

It is pretty common to have your mic not working on the Turtle Beach 200 when using it with an Xbox One. To rule out every possibility that might be causing the problem for you, we strongly advise that you follow the instructions that we have mentioned in the article above!

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