5 Ways To Fix SteelSeries Siberia 200 Mic Not Working

steelseries siberia 200 mic not working
steelseries siberia 200 mic not working

SteelSeries Siberia 200 is a really popular gaming headset. Even though it has been quite a few years since Steelseries first rolled out the headset, it is still a popular choice among many users as it has all the necessary features that make a great gaming headset.

How to Fix SteelSeries Siberia 200 Mic Not Working?

Gaming headsets also come with a built-in mic through which users can participate in online voice chat during gameplay. Similarly, the Siberia 200 also comes with a fairly good quality mic. However, users have been complaining about it.

According to these users, the Steelseries Siberia 200 mic is not working at all. Using the article, we will be discussing the issue in detail by mentioning all the possible reasons along with the required troubleshooting steps for resolving the issue. Everything you need to know about it is mentioned right down below:

  1. Check Port

In case you have been having issues with your headset’s mic, the first thing to check would be the PC port along with the headset’s mic cable. Simply put, you will have to make sure that both of them are working completely fine as they can both be the root of the problem.

The issue could be as simple as the cable not being completely plugged inside the PC port. Similarly, you could also have plugged in the cable on the wrong port (audio port). If so, then make sure you plug it into the mic port.

  1. Check Drivers

If you have made sure the cables and port weren’t the reason for your mic not working, then the next thing to check would be the drivers that you have installed on your PC. There is a possibility that you have the wrong drivers installed or your drivers are simply bugged.

We recommend you start by uninstalling the Realtek drivers that you have currently installed. Once you have uninstalled the drivers, attempt to restart your PC after which you can simply install the latest version of the drivers again.

  1. Check Windows Settings

Once you have reinstalled the drivers, proceed to check the microphone settings on your Windows. Due to security reasons, Windows 10 seems to have permissions set for each device you have connected it to and the applications you decide to use the device on.

This is why we suggest you check the permission settings for your microphone. Ensure that you have allowed your mic to run on all types of applications. You can also test your microphone and see if it is even working or not under the Windows 10 microphone settings tab.

  1. Ensure You have Selected the Right Device

Another thing to make sure of is that you have the correct device selected to operate your mic. Just like your output/audio devices, Windows may have a couple of input devices from which you can choose.

However, to check this, you will have to go to your sound control panel where you can see all the different input devices that can serve as a mic. What you need to make sure of is that you select the correct device which you will be using as a mic.

  1. Contact Support

As a last resort, it is recommended that you contact the official support team. This will let a team of professionals take a closer look at the issue you are facing. Similarly, they should help you learn all the different troubleshooting steps which should further help in fixing the problem. If nothing seems to work, then it is likely that your mic is faulty.

In this case, they should offer you repair or replacement depending on the warranty of the headset.

The Bottom Line:

Here are the 5 different ways on how you can fix SteelSeries Siberia 200 mic not working. All you have to do is to follow the guidelines as mentioned in the article for a quick and easy fix!

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