Roblox Error: The Permission Levels on This Place Prevent You from Entering (3 Fixes)

roblox the permission levels on this place prevent you from entering
roblox the permission levels on this place prevent you from entering

One of the oldest errors on Roblox is one that prevents you from entering a world created by other users and claims it is because of permission levels. This issue is completely random to face and might even occur on games which you usually play without any issues.

It’s been faced by many Roblox players for well over a decade now, and there’s nothing surprising about it if you’ve also encountered it once or twice. Here are a few things that you can try out if you wish to get rid of this error which prevents you from entering games because of permission levels.

Roblox Error: The Permission Levels on This Place Prevent You from Entering

  1. Increase your Age on Your Roblox Account

If this issue specifically occurs with a new place that you’re trying to enter, the age you’ve submitted in your Roblox account could probably be the reason why you can’t play or enter a lot of places. A lot of the games that you’ll find on Roblox might be meant for players that are a bit older and more mature. Because of this, said games are blocked off for children under the age of 13. If your Roblox account states that your current age is only 13, then the permission settings might block you and this issue will occur.

If you’re over 13 and you should be able to play these games without any issue, try e-mailing Roblox. Ask their support to increase your age if it wrongly stated so that you can start playing all the great games that you’re restricted from. However, it is strongly recommended that you don’t do so if you aren’t actually over the age of 13 and are rightfully restricted from entering whatever place you’re trying to enter.

  1. Private Game

If the issue isn’t with the age-related permission settings, it is most likely that it is with the game’s other permission levels. There are some games that are not available for public use, and it could be that you might be trying to enter one of these games.

This can even be the case for a very popular Roblox place which you visit regularly, as there are some times where the creators behind the game might make it private to fix some issues and perform other tests. There could also be another issue which might cause these popular games to go private. All in all, you can’t do much about it if this is the case, except wait for the creators to make their place public again.

  1. Banned Place

It could be that you’re trying to enter a place that has been banned or blocked or simply put into review by Roblox. These games are the ones that go against the Roblox guidelines, which is why Roblox prevents players from playing them. If the place you’re trying to enter is newly created and other players can’t enter either, this is almost definitely the case. You can’t really do anything about the issue in this case, as the place likely won’t be making a return again.

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